A late historian’s book collection was donated to the University of Calicut


Family members of the late historian Mr. Gangadharan donated an exclusive personal collection of historical books and documents kept by the renowned historian to the University of Calicut. University authorities received the unique collection with the promise of making it available on its digital archive for the future generation of researchers and learners.

Vice Chancellor MK Jayaraj visited the late historian’s home in Parappanangadi on Wednesday to receive the collection of Dr Gangadharan’s wife, Yamuna Devi. The university’s history department will be responsible for the custody of documents and books.

Researchers who had maintained close contact with the historian said a majority of the books and documents handed over to the university related to the Malabar rebellion. It included rare manuscripts of various interviews and statements from those who took part in the rebellion, they said.

Head of history department VV Haridas, former head of department K. Gopalan Kutty, director of academic quality assurance committee P. Sivadasan and family members of the late historian were present during the exchange of the collection with university authorities.


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