Alexandria Tutoring Consortium Launches $ 25,000 Fundraiser to Expand Virtual Reading Program for Young Children | ALX now


The pandemic has disrupted education and Alexandria Tutoring Consortium has just launched a new fundraiser to extend its individual virtual offers to kindergartens and first graders.

“It’s been a tough time as the lack of classes in the school has pushed more first graders further than ever before,” said TAC Board Chairman Frank Stiff. “Despite the challenges, the tutors and staff have remained true to our mission and the students have benefited. “

The association recruits and trains volunteers to teach children in need of reading assistance, and during the 2020-2021 school year, all of their tutoring was done virtually. In fact, there have been over 7,600 Book Buddies tutoring sessions.

“The tutoring took place entirely virtually this year, with final results showing that 87% of the 155 participating students were reading at grade level, ready to do well in second grade,” TAC reported. “Of the 155, ATC mentored 122 in its second summer tutoring program, keeping all the children on track and allowing 34 of them to move from a lower level to a proficiency level in reading.”

Donations can be done on the ATC website or by check payable to the Alexandria Tutoring Consortium, 323 South
Fairfax Street, Alexandria Virginia 22314.



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