Amy Winehouse’s much-loved book collection is on display


The New York Antiquarian Book Fair will feature 50 books from Amy Winehouse’s personal library collection at an upcoming exhibition in New York.

Ever wanted to see the books Amy Winehouse read in her spare time? Well, now you can. A collection of books that Winehouse loved, read, and re-read — including the well-flipped pages of select books — will be on display at the New York Antiquarian Book Fair in April.

From JD Salinger to Jackie Collins, Amy Winehouse has assembled an eclectic and varied collection of books.

Credit: Type Punch Matrix

A self-confessed avid and passionate reader, who loved the impertinence of a book by Jackie Collins as much as the realistic literary styles of Dostoevsky, Winehouse says she always had a book on the go at all times, especially when she was on the road.

In a 2007 interview, she told the Guardian “I never travel without a good book. I read a lot when I travel and I always have a few books on me. I’ve read all kinds of stuff, but this week I bought a graphic fiction anthology because I love graphic novels and cartoons, and another copy of Glen David Gold’s Carter Beats the Devil – a great novel. I also bought Alexei Sayle’s Barcelona Plates, which I can’t wait to read. I could spend a lot of time in bookstores just browsing.

If you want to discover the late singer’s collection, you can see a selection of his books at the New York International Antiquarian Book Fairwhere rare book company Type Punch Matrix, which bought the majority of the books, will display 50 of the 220 it acquired from the Winehouse estate

Type Punch Matrix said they were struggling to keep the collection together as they were being released in separate bundles. Type Punch Matrix co-founder Rebecca Romney commented “It was a collection that deserved, as much as possible, to stick together. Not only because they spoke biographically of Winehouse’s life, but also because they spoke of his work as an artist and writer. .

Amy Winehouse book
Credit: Type Punch Matrix

Making the collection even more special, many of the books are filled with Winehouse’s doodles, sayings and musings.

Collection includes well-read classics, JD Salinger, Elmore Leonard, Jackie Collins, plus an annotated book Little Shop of Horrors script from Winehouse’s high school days, and a copy of by Allen Ginsberg To scream with partial song lyrics written on the inside pages. Among the books are gifts from friends (such as a photo book autographed by Dave LaChapelle, who directed his music video for Tears dry on their own). Winehouse’s beloved grandmother’s email is written on a bookmark; the guest list for a party is written on the last page of a book; and in another there is an admission stamp from one of the hospitals where Winehouse was previously admitted.

Brian, co-founder of Type Punch Matrix notes Cassidy, “The collection offers an intimate, tender and revealing look at the intersection of the public and private lives of one of the most indelible musical artists of the 21st century.”

Cassidy describes the close connection Winehouse had with collecting, “Looking at the books, you could easily recognize the teenager who loved Salinger, but also the nerd who collected graphic novels, the budding singer studying several Frank Sinatra biographies, and the touring musician looking for a good read. to pass time. road.”

The collection will be visible to 62nd Annual New York International Antiquarian Book Fair, April 21-24 at Park Avenue Armory, New York.


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