Black Author Launches Reading Program to Feed Lancaster’s Hunger


Lampeter, Pa., Nov. 16, 2021 – ( – Local black author JP Robinson has started a reading program called Read 2 Feed that aims to help Lancaster County food banks meet the needs of their community.
Robinson, author of The Northshire Heritage Trilogy, is known for his inspiring historical fiction novels and for teaching writing workshops to other authors across the country. His books have received accolades from industry leaders such as Publishers Weekly. But this year Robinson has taken on a new challenge.

“Read 2 Feed is an easy way to meet the needs of our community,” says Robinson, who is also president of the Lancaster Christian Writers Association. “We can put food on people’s tables just by reading books. “

Here is how the program works. Readers subscribed to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program can read any author’s books at no additional cost. However, authors still receive royalties based on the number of pages read. Robinson, and all authors who participate in the Read 2 Feed program, pledge to donate 40% of all royalties received from Amazon Kindle Unlimited from November 1 to December 31, 2021 to local food banks.

The program was initially launched in 2020 and was supported by a local library. This year, in response to food shortages and inflation, Robinson is also calling on Lancaster County businesses, church organizations and writers’ groups across the county to get involved simply by spreading the word.

When asked why he is launching this initiative, Robinson’s response is straightforward. “I was homeless when I was a kid, and I know what it’s like to have nothing. I have been fortunate to be successful and I firmly believe in giving back. Together we can all make a difference. Especially in these difficult times. “

Robinson is no stranger to organizing events. In 2019, he organized the LancoExpo, a community event that brought together over a hundred members of the Lancaster-York community. It is also often aimed at youth groups and community writing organizations. Beyond the immediate need to support food banks, Robinson hopes that Read 2 Feed will spark continued community engagement.

Robinson plans to list the participating authors in a dedicated blog post on his website. Those interested in learning more about the Read 2 Feed program can connect with JP Robinson online at or


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