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By Chris Bavender

The Carmel Clay Library Winter Reading Program will begin on December 17 and run through January 31, 2022. In previous years, the winter reading programs for children, teens and adults were separated. , but this year the age groups will be combined.

“By presenting one winter reading program for all ages this year, we can give all ages the chance to support a local nonprofit organization through their reading,” said Christy Walker, Communications Manager of the CCPL. “An added bonus is that families can count how much they read together and even have a fun little family competition if they want. “

Over the past two years, the library has identified a local charity, such as the Carmel Summer Meals Program and the Humane Society for Hamilton County, to support with donations during its summer reading program, and Walker said that customers loved it. This year’s winter reading program will support Carmel’s Exotic Animal Rescue and Pet Sanctuary (EARPS).

“As patrons read books and completed activities, the library made donations to the selected charity. Customers especially enjoyed helping Humane Society animals last summer, so we decided to extend that connection this winter with another animal-focused organization, ”Walker said. “EARPS is a little less well-known local organization, and we’re excited to highlight the work they do to help a wide variety of animal species that need a good home.”

Teen and adult participants will earn a donation to EARPS when they complete their first book and again when they complete their third book. They will also be entered into a raffle for each book they complete (up to four books in total) and a free book coupon at the library’s Foundation Friends Bookstore for completing four books in total. E-books and audiobooks count towards the winter reading program, as do printed books.

“For those children who participate – in grade 5 and under – they can choose to keep track of how many books they have read or how much time they spent reading, and there are fun learning activities available to them. ‘they can also count. “said Walker.” Completing nine of these reading and activity blocks earns them an online badge and their first donation to EARPS; nine more earns them their second badge and second donation. Children also earn a book at keep it to themselves when they get that second badge.

Walker said library staff have heard over the years from patrons that the winter months are a great time to snuggle inside with good books.

“So having a reading schedule this time of year helps brighten up what can be dark, cold days,” she said. “It also brings a bit of mirth to what can sometimes feel like a post-vacation crisis for people.”

Register and participate in the program online by visiting or by using the free Beanstack Tracker app.


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