Collection of books named in honor of the former director of the library



The staff of the Bruton Memorial Library have assembled the valuable collection of books on Florida by Treva Moore and named it in his honor.

Treva Moore loved the Plant City Library very much during his three decades at the helm. One of her greatest loves was the Florida collection. Thanks to the efforts of the current management of the library, the collection will now bear his name.

City commissioners recently voted to name the newly reassembled Florida collection the Treva Moore Florida Collection.

Treva Moore (standing) helps a student. Photo courtesy of Plant City Photographic Archives and History Center.

“It was something Treva Moore really loved and cared about,” said Susan Miles, the library’s technology services librarian. “She always wanted to have a special collection and she really wanted to have Florida because we had a lot of books in Florida.”

To honor Moore, Miles and current library director Tonda Morris have spent over a year reassembling the Florida collection. During Moore’s tenure at the library, the collection

contained over 350 books on Florida and Plant City, including biographies, cookbooks, and local history. When Anne Haywood took over from Moore in 1991, the collection was dismantled and redistributed into the library’s largest collection.

“We really should have something that focuses on our heritage and our history,” Morris said. “We are very satisfied with it. I think it was a good thing to do and we thought it would be great to honor him for it.

Morris said Moore had a huge impact on the library and preserving the history of Plant City. Moore was the director of the library from 1962 to 1991, when Haywood took over. In 1964, under Moore’s leadership, the library was recognized as the Book-of-the-Month Club’s Most Outstanding Library for Florida. In the 1980s, Moore helped the library remain independent when lawmakers wanted to merge with other Hillsborough County libraries into one system. In 1971, Moore was named Plant City Woman of the Year.

Older books were recovered as the collection was rebuilt.

Miles, 62, was hired by Moore in 1979 but had known Moore since elementary school, she said. As a child, Miles said, she frequented the library where Moore read books to children. As Miles grew older, Moore helped him find books for his homework. Miles said Moore taught her and others in the library an important work ethic through the love she put into them.

“She had certain standards and a work ethic,” Miles said. “It helped the staff learn the work ethic. I do things today that I keep thinking Miss Moore taught me to do. She was a hard worker.

Previously, a section of the library for quiet reading was dedicated to Moore. However, the title was unofficial and when this section of the library was redesigned, naming rights

Treva Moore ran the library for 29 years. Photo courtesy of Plant City Photographic Archives and History Center.

went to the family who helped fund the project.

This time, the honor is an official title approved by the library board and the city commission. Even through the remodel, the collection would stay together and keep its name. The collection, Morris said, will continue to grow as the library replenishes itself and obtains more books. Now that the name is official, the library is planning a christening ceremony featuring local authors later in the summer.

“I think it’s a wonderful honor in his memory,” said Miles. “She was a good example of what librarianship is: meeting the needs of people and helping people and doing it in a professional manner. Always do your best and do your best. “



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