Cops ‘N’ Kids Reading Show Comes to Davenport | Local crime and courts


In addition to asking officers to deliver books, Singleton said Lincoln Center will also implement a program where parents can enroll their children in the center’s library once a month to choose a free book.

Although the program is not yet in full swing, Singleton said she has already seen several opportunities to distribute some of the books. On the day of the book drive, when Singleton and the officers returned to Lincoln Center to unload the donations, there was a mother in the parking lot with her young son, waiting for another child to finish training with the one of the Lincoln Center programs. . Singleton said the little boy, probably around 3, kept staring at the books, so she decided to give him one.

“I gave him a book, and he went and gave it to his mother, and I walked into the building,” Singleton said. “Then when I came back, her mother was sitting and reading the book to her. So I thought, ‘Yes! That’s what we want! That’s why we’re doing this.'”

She said that the same day they were able to give books to several other young people who were at the center, and everyone they spoke to was excited about the free reading material.

“It was like confirmation that we were doing the right thing,” Singleton said. “For me, the most important part is that positive interaction with the police. They are not there for a call, they are not there to take your mom or dad. It’s a positive interaction, and it is. as well as you start to build relationships, so that as they get older they think twice about doing something. “


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