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Whether the 2020-21 school year begins in class or at a distance, Follett makes sure elementary and middle school students don’t miss out on one of their favorite back-to-school traditions: the book fair. With Follett Book fairs, events can be run 100% virtually, with schools choosing the dates that best suit them, students are allowed to select which books they want to read, and families have the option to purchase books online in such a way. convenient.

The ease with which Follett’s online fairs are organized is extremely attractive to school and book fair coordinators. The approximate setup time is 10 minutes, so there is no need for forms, handling money or scavenging for space in the school.

“I chose an eFair Follett Book because it seemed so easy,” said Shawn Crist, media assistant at James E. Plew Elementary School in Niceville, Florida. “It was almost too good to be true. I didn’t have to worry about reorganizing our media center or finding volunteers.

Crist especially liked the ability to personalize eFair offerings by matching books that are relevant to what students are currently learning in classrooms and in the library.

Follett has carefully selected the selection of books to include:

  • An emphasis on titles on diversity and inclusion;
  • News and popular characters; and
  • Rates adapted to all budgets.

Librarians, teachers and coordinators also appreciate the robust rewards options, which offer 40% off every purchase, which can be redeemed for books and other Follett materials. “The rewards are fantastic,” said Carol Linderman, a fifth-grade teacher at Glen Flora Elementary School in Waukegan, Ill.. “It really helped me build my classroom library. “

New for the 2020-21 school year is that eFair rewards will also be supported in Titlewave, Follett’s first platform for school libraries, starting at the end of September.

Additionally, schools that host an online book fair by December 31st will receive up to $ 50 in additional rewards. The rewards will be given out in the form of a Follett Book Fair gift card and can be redeemed in the Follett Rewards Store or in a future book or eFairs.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact schools across the country, Follett also continues to make safety a major concern for all his experiences at the book fair. “From our warehouses to our drivers, safety rules are a # 1 priority and are taken very seriously at every step,” said Britten Follett, Executive Vice President of Follett School Solutions.

While an online book fair may be suitable for many schools and districts during the pandemic, Follett is also offering two other changes to the traditional physical book fair:

  • Online Companion Book Fairs: In addition to the large selection of books at the on-site fair, families will be able to purchase an expanded catalog at an online fair – included with each on-site fair. This new option will help maximize a school’s Follett Book Fair rewards and give everyone the ability to shop for the event. This is perfect for those who cannot visit their event on site or if schools do not allow visitors.
  • Discreet book fairs: This small fair is designed to fit in a small space, hallway or, if necessary, can be separated and rolled by grade level into a classroom to reduce traffic. With this low-touch, space-conscious option, schools will also receive an accompanying online lounge to support online shopping. Low-touch lounges benefit from all the advantages of a traditional book fair.

“With our various options for the Follett Book Fair, we try to make shopping easy anytime or anywhere, while supporting the students’ love of reading,” said Britten Follett. “Book fairs have long been a wonderful back-to-school tradition and we’re here to support educators in their search for alternatives to keep things as normal as possible for children in these unprecedented times. “

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