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(JKPL) – From June 11 to July 31, 2021, Joeten-Kiyu Public Library distributed over 477 free take-out packages, including the distribution of over 1,908 STEAM learning activities, supplies and a reading passport to families in the program 2021 Summer Reading in Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.

Families visited the library and viewed award-winning books – Newbery, Caldecott Honor books, Coretta Scott King books, books turned into movies, AV2 Enhanced Media books, virtual learning resources available on our website, – Gale Cengage, EBSCOhost and Baker & Taylor Axis 360 eBooks, and much more! Families enjoyed self-paced learning, the on-the-go package, on-site activities, books / eBooks, and virtual learning resources available to help them actively learn and stay engaged throughout the trip. summer.

Onsite activities consisted of the Celebrity Story Time on Saturday with the following special guests: author and local navigator Lino Olopai, Summer Reading Program 2021 Manager, Sponsor: Bank of Guam and Partner Saipan Cares for Animals community with CEO Beth Pliscou as well as Bazzie and friends. A special book launch and read aloud from the Lady Diann Torres Foundation in partnership with Girl Scouts from the Northern Mariana Islands and Stellar Marianas for the children’s book “Kareran Sirena” tinige by Serenity Fujihira, Emma Sablan and Ariah Villagomez and guided by Miss Mariannes 2019 Shannon Sasamoto.

Meanwhile, Virtual Storytime starred Trey Dunn, the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Brown Tree Snake coordinator, and local beekeeper Angel Hart Cabrera of Angel’s Home Garden. Onsite STEAM activities for kids and teens included “How to Make Plasticine”, “How to Make Ice Cream in a Bag” and “How to Dye a Shirt”. This summer, the teens took part in virtual reading challenges through Niche Academy, book reviews, volunteer opportunities, and writing events available at.

Bookmobile Outreach Services continued to promote the Summer Reading Program with Package to Go at the Fernando M. Benavente Memorial Library located in San Antonio from August 3 to 28, 2021. Biba, Bookmobile!

The JKPL Package-to-Go was made available to the first 300 registered participants by category, prioritizing our underprivileged and underprivileged children. 7,720 take-out meals were provided by the CNMI Public School System and were distributed daily to participating families. Thousands of amazing prizes were handed out each week to children who completed their activities.

Here are some of the many amazing responses from families regarding the learning and reading activities of the 2021 Summer Reading Program “Tails and Tales”:

• “It was fun! I love it!”

• “For adults and children struggling during the pandemic, this is a great way to cope. Very soothing and calming.

• “My child enjoyed the e-book experience!

• “Fun arts and crafts activity for kids linked to a funny movie.”

• “My daughter has autism and this lion activity kept her engaged because it was convenient and super fun! “

• “I love this experience because I learned something new. “

• “It was a fun activity. “

• “Mom and son are working together to do something, that’s good. “

• “I had fun doing this activity. “

• “The activity was really fun and I love the way it looks like the way a rocket takes off. “

• “It was a bit hard for the little one but with some help we both learned a lot! I can’t wait to practice it a little more!

• “Too much fun!”

• “I like to read at the library.

• “The library staff are friendly and attentive. “

• “Isaiah loved to buckle the butterfly’s antenna and he helps his sister do it.

• “Thank you.

• “I liked this activity because it is a very fun project to do. “

• “I love to read all the books! “

• “It was an incredible activity. “

• “Makes reading and crafts fun.

• “This activity is great! I love it!”

• “This activity is a lot of fun and helps me learn! “

• “I like the library because I like to read”.

• “I like to do things in the library. “

• “Thank you, I really enjoyed the program! “

• “Thank you so much for giving MJ a great opportunity to read the books over the summer !!! “

• “I like the way we did the activities. “

• “I had so much fun doing this activity. “

• “It’s fun doing activities with my child. “

• “Joeten Kiyu Public Library is fun! “

• “It was my favorite activity because painting is fun. “

• “Thank you for the activities. “

• “Super helpful and friendly staff always ready to help customers. Great opportunity to learn (adults / children)! ”

• “Another great STEM project! Let them come! “

• “I love the library”.

• “This program is really fun and I think the library should do more. “

• “Participating in this summer program has helped to encourage and strengthen my child’s determination to read! Fully sharing our experience with others! ”

• “Great for encouraging kids to reach their goals. “

• “Grateful to the JKPL team for this program.”

• “It’s fun to learn new words while reading. “

• “My son enjoyed participating in this program and he looks forward to having so much motivation to read lots of books through this activity. Thank you so much!!”

• “Thanks. I was having fun. We love it. Next year again.

• “Excellent learning for my children”.

• “It helped me learn to love reading and to love reading. “

• “You encourage me to learn and

• “Thank you, Joeten-Kiyu Public Library, for the fun activity I did during the summer and the prizes. You make me want to read more.

• “Excellent summer activity at your own pace. “


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