Online Book of Remembrance Marks 40th Anniversary of Penlee Lifeboat Disaster | New


16 people lost their lives when tragedy hit the Cornish coast on December 19, 1981

Author: Sarah YeomanPosted on November 25, 2021
Last updated on November 25, 2021

An online remembrance book has been launched to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Penlee Lifeboat disaster.

The Solomon Browne and her crew were lost at sea on December 19, 1981.

They had rushed to the aid of the Union Star’s stricken roller coaster during hurricane-force storms.

Now a new book, which has a preface by RNLI President The Duke of Kent, will be a place to commemorate the courage shown that night, to share sympathies with a still grieving community, and to celebrate 16 lives. lost that night.

It includes a timeline of the tragic events that unfolded as well as the names of those lost aboard Solomon Browne’s lifeboat and the stricken cargo ship Union Star. It also details how Penlee RNLI endured; how, in the midst of the tragedy, a new volunteer crew stepped forward and how the crew of today’s Penlee lifeboat continue to be on call when needed most.

Patch Harvey, coxswain of Penlee’s current all-weather lifeboat, said Ivan Ellen;

“While for the families and the lifeboat community who lost loved ones that night, the 40th anniversary is no different from other years, we wanted to recognize the continued support and compassion shown by people from across the country. around the world for the Penlee lifeboat community and families of the missing.

“The Online Book of Remembrance gives everyone the opportunity to share their memories and messages of love and support.”

The Solomon Browne crew

In January, the online signing opportunity will end, it will be printed and displayed at the Penlee RNLI Visitor Center at Newlyn Harbor Station.

Patch continued, “It is important that we continue to recognize and remember the sacrifice made by the crew of the Solomon Browne, who gave their all to help others in need. They did not give up and their story, their memory must remain alive for generations to come.

“Fortunately, this was the last time we lost an entire RNLI lifeboat crew on duty; with the help of modern technology, the association built faster, stronger and safer lifeboats and developed the training of our volunteers. However, the spirit of Solomon Browne’s crew lives on in all of the RNLI Lifeboat Volunteers who continue to demonstrate a selfless commitment to saving lives at sea. ”

You can find the Book of Remembrance online here.

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