Opening of an international book collection section at the Eindhoven Library

Children at Eindhoven Library with Mayor John Jorritsma and Albert Kivits, Director of Eindhoven Library.

On Saturday 21 May, Mayor Jorritsma, accompanied by several different linguistic communities and the children, opened in a festive way extensive international collection of children’s books at the Eindhoven Library. With over a hundred guests, it was clear that reading is worth celebrating!

Mayor Jorritsma enjoys reading to his grandchildren and young children in the city every
year at the National Read Aloud Breakfast. According to Jorritsma, reading aloud is one of his favorite mayoral duties. He points out that “in addition to being great fun,
reading helps children build their future. Eindhoven is an international city with more than 160 nationalities. The city needs an international library. The books build a bridge between the Netherlands and other countries and cultures”.

Albert Kivits, Director of the Eindhoven Library, points out: “The Eindhoven Library embraces multilingualism and international communities. The International Collection of Children’s Books is an excellent collaboration between the library and international communities. With the collection, we promote children’s reading pleasure and language development and strengthen the bond with Eindhoven. The library has been working on expanding the international collection for some time. During the renovation of the youth service a year ago, it was given a nice visible place. Because these developments have taken place quietly during the pandemic, the library has seized the moment now to proudly highlight renewals, expansions and collaborations.

a day of pride

Gisi Cannizzaro from the Heritage Language Education (HLE) Network: “Today is a really proud day for the library, for the HLE network, for the different language groups, and especially for the multilingual children of Eindhoven. Look what we can achieve when we work together! » Mayor Jorritsma and the delegates from the different communities each read a page from the book ukkePuck by Bianca Mastenbroek and Iris van Dijck in their own language. And then it was the children’s turn. The children had the honor of cutting the ribbons and officially opening the International Collection of Children’s Books.

A growing collection

In October 2018, the first steps were taken in cooperation with The Reading Pier, an initiative of mothers Euying Tang-Chong and CT Lim. Their collection of children’s books in English has been given a permanent place in the library. A collaboration with Heritage Language Education Network (HLE Network) followed in 2020. HLE Network connects a large number of mother tongue programs offered in Eindhoven. The various language books that were initially added to the library are Italian and Chinese. In the next phase, French, Romanian, Bulgarian, Persian and Polish books followed. In addition to Dutch, there are currently read-aloud activities in English, Ukrainian, Persian, Chinese, Italian and Japanese. Ukrainian children’s books have also recently been added in cooperation with the local community. Soon Korean, Spanish, Indian language books and Turkish books will be added.


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