Pueblo’s reading program hits midpoint


PUEBLO, Colorado – Pueblo’s million dollar summer reading giveaway is about halfway there. Local students participating in Reading program pays can earn $ 100 as a reward for viewing and reading 10 library books this summer through the end of September.

The money comes from federal stimulus funds distributed to the City of Pueblo and County of Pueblo through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Jon Walker, executive director of the Pueblo Library District, said summer reading programs prevent learning loss between school years.

“With this special disruption that has taken place this past school year, we know it’s sort of doubled,” he said.

“You’ve had kind of a disrupted school year, some of the kids haven’t had their full educational interaction, and then the idea was good, they’ll have more with the summer.”

When students have finished reading their books, they must submit proof to the librarian. It could be a book report, a short essay, a drawing, or a video.

Walker is impressed with the creativity the students have shown in their videos. For example, two brothers who looked at 10 cookbooks recorded themselves reading recipes and cooking from the books.

“Their mother agreed, I know she had a little housework to do after all of this,” Walker said.

The Library District has already given out $ 350,000 in certificates to children to take to the bank to earn their cash reward.

Walker said many students chose to put their award money into savings for college. Others cashed in for shopping.

He wants to encourage all the children who participate this summer to finish their books.

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