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November 2, 2022

The Arizona State University Alumni Association is proud to present the 26 Sun Devil alumni participating in the ASU Leadership Institute.

Class 5 participants are a diverse group of alumni with a range of graduation dates, from 1983 to 2019, and from a wide range of industries, including construction, business management , banking, education, government, urban development and non-profit fundraising.

The immersive nine-month program enhances leadership development and prepares participants to serve on ASU boards and councils, mentor students, and serve as community ambassadors.
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Each year, the ASU Alumni Association selects a cohort of outstanding alumni for the nine-month immersive leadership program. The program aims to inspire participants as well as enhance their leadership development. They are willing to serve on ASU boards and councils, mentor students, and serve as community ambassadors.

“Over five years, the ASU Leadership Institute has grown into a thriving program that offers participants the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, both personal and professional, while engaging with other Sun Devils who wish to make a difference in their communities,” said Christine K. Wilkinson, president and CEO of the ASU Alumni Association. “It’s a pleasure to see alumni who want to dedicate their time to learning how ASU continues to evolve into the new contemporary American university.”

For more information on the ASU Leadership Instute and how to apply for Class 6, click here.

Meet the 2022-2023 ASU Leadership Institute Class 5 members:

Megan Cesiel, Salt River Project

Kristina Chumpol, party bowl

Jana Crum, Welby Health

Wesley Despins, Construction Sundt

Shannen Falkenrath, LinkedIn

Christine Geele, Construction Sundt

Angela Gonzales, Bell Bank

Phillip Hensley, JE Dunn Construction

Christina Hudson, Find 180, LLC

Danita Jackson, Arizona Birth Network

Amy Johnson, Khan World School at ASU Prep Digital

ryan johnson, Salt River Project

Maureen Jordan, Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center

Abhay Khaire, Dibber

Anne Lander, Arizona Junior Achievement

Thomas Maynard, Greater Phoenix Economic Council

Adam Mims, Oak View Group

Thomas Myzia, Kitchell

Guillaume Nolde, DraftKings

Andrew Ostrander, Ostrander real estate group

Jared Phelps, Alliance Bank of Arizona

Jennifer Reich, Maricopa County Assessor’s Office

Debbie Smith, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Arizona

Kelly Tucker, Baker Bros floors.

Kaitlyn Wittig, Lauren Institute for Education

Marge Zylla, City of Tempe


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