Southport column: Store, library and more


The Southport General Store will be open Easter Sunday April 17 from 8am to 10am, mainly so that people can buy their Sunday paper. Among several changes to the store is availability of Pepperidge Farm Bread as well as homemade breads if you order 24 hours in advance. You can also order pies and cakes made by Sarah. Instead of specialty items being hidden in the back room, they will now come out before, more to seduce us. The races will be grouped together, so that we can more easily Ifand what we want. These changes remind me of my dad’s business plan, “Always have something new. Since he was selling funeral supplies, it wasn’t always easy!

If you have a Southport Memorial Library card, you can not only take books with you, but also you have access to a variety of free passes to area institutions. Thanks to the library Aides, who, as an organization supporting the library, purchased passes for Maine Maritime Museum in Bath as well as the Farnsworth Museum, Portland Museum of Art, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens and Boothbay Railway Village. Speak with one of the librarians as to the speciIfcs on the use of each card.

A reminder that another offering at the library is a caregiver support group that monthly meeting starting Thursday, April 14 at 6:15 p.m. In this informal setting of peer support group, the discussion will focus on caring for aging parents. Please note that this meeting is intended for lay people and not for professional caregivers. If you plan to attend, please call Anne at 207-633-2741 as space is limited. If there are signsIfcan’t interest, the group will continue to meet on the second Thursday of each month.

Another reminder of the meeting with our Selectmen on April 20 at 6 p.m. Southport Town Hall to discuss and answer questions from citizens about the installation of broadband service that will be available to everyone on the island. Since the original citizens vote to install a city-owned broadband system, many questions about funding and other questions arose. This meeting will be your chance to have these questions answered and your views heard. See several articles elsewhere in this document on the recent discussions on this subject during the Wednesday meetings of the breeders.

With the snow melting and hopefully gone for winter, the surveyors were on school field last week to complete the written documentation of our school property boundaries. Although the land is owned by the city, apparently there was previously not been one ofIffinal survey of property boundaries. As thoughts and plans are considered for the improvement of these grounds, a survey was necessary.

Not repossession, but reuse and, I suppose, re-apprehension of books is news adventure of Margi Spratt. Margi, herself a book lover, has transformed her barn into a used book depot. Although close neighbors and friends may be welcome to see her project on the spot, Margie’s main intention is to sell these books online. His website is, and sales will be made through ABD Books or When a given book arrives at Lupine Ledge, it joins many others waiting to be adopted by new readers. The professionalIft from the sale of these books are added to the fund to help literacy programs. These programs are chosen by readers who buy from Lupine Ledge Books.

A sign of spring is that ospreys have reclaimed their nests atop the Southport Bridge. I did not see how they ousted the pigeons that had settled in during the winter, but I hope it was a friendly recovery.


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