A Swiss credit without credit rating may be high on the wish list of many consumers. Above all, all those who are in trouble with the private credit or whose income is not quite as optimal, see their chance for borrowing.

But is a credit without credit rating really the solution or at least a real loan offer?

What is a Swiss credit without credit rating?

What is a Swiss credit without credit rating?

Creditworthiness is a word that many borrowers fear. The credit rating provides information about how creditworthy a credit seeker is.

Swiss credit without credit rating – at most by private individuals

Banks, insurance companies and other “systemically important” lenders across Europe are required by law to conduct a credit check. Lending without a credit check would therefore be illegal. The credit rating includes various aspects. This includes, among other things, the private credit and the income.

Two important building blocks that must be in place so that borrowing can even be considered. If there are problems in this regard, the bank can deny lending. In such a case, a Swiss credit without credit rating comes into play. Many consumers think that they simply take out the loan they want abroad.

But as simple as the advertising wants to suggest this is unfortunately not. Because without a reasonably intact credit rating, there is no credit there. At least the income must be right for money to flow abroad. Only with the private credit shows one is accommodating, since these from abroad can not be inquired anyway.

Who gives Swiss credit without credit rating?

Who gives Swiss credit without credit rating?

Considering that there is credit only when only the private credit is weakening, the loan can be conveniently borrowed from the Sigma Bank. However, this is not headquartered in Switzerland.

Soulcredit Bank operates from Liechtenstein. A small neighboring country of Switzerland.

Why loans without private credit are always referred to as Swiss loans, even though they are not from Switzerland, is a mystery. However, it can be assumed that this is happening because Switzerland is well-known in terms of finance for most consumers.

But Soulcredit Bank is not the only port of call for loans that work on a negative private credit. Even intermediaries such as Bon credit advertise that such a loan is possible.

Provided that it is really stuck only in the area of ​​private credit, but a good to very good income is available. As a potential buyer, you have to decide which way to go for a Swiss credit without credit rating.

But you should not be guided by advertising alone.

Swiss credit without credit rating – admission

Swiss credit without credit rating - admission

In order to make a decision as to which loan offer is most suitable, one first has to think about why and what the loan is needed for. This consideration not only helps to avoid unnecessary loans.

It also clarifies how big the loan has to be and what kind of hurdles to take. Soulcredit Bank grants loans up to a maximum of 7500 euros.

Actually, a pretty handsome sum, considering that the conditions for borrowing are actually not optimal.

For intermediaries like Bon Kredit, there could also be a little more money. Depending on how the loan is secured and which donors feel addressed.

In order to keep the cost of the loan – such as interest rates – as low as possible, every borrower in his own interest should ensure a good hedge. In addition, the interest rates should be compared.