The Lavender Libros reading program will be continued by Global Give A Book – City of Albuquerque


December 29, 2021

City Council President Cynthia D. Borrego started the Lavender Libros Book Reading Project to demonstrate care and awareness to children in New Mexico. Government administrators and community leaders read a children’s book available on the Lavender Libros YouTube channel.

As Councilor Borrego prepares to step down, she will pass the torch from Lavender Libros to Global Give A Book, a local nonprofit that supports children’s literacy.

“It was a real pleasure to create a program during the pandemic that stimulates children to read and grow. Lavender Libros has helped parents over the past year and a half by providing them with a home learning tool, ”said Board Chair Cynthia D. Borrego. “All of the program’s readers, from various backgrounds, have devoted their precious time to creatively presenting and guiding young people in reading through the vehicle of Lavender Libros. I am honored by the local leaders who have read Lavender Libros and are committed to supporting the program. I am grateful to have transferred Lavender Libros to Global Give a Book, a non-profit organization that strongly supports children’s literacy in Albuquerque through the distribution of award-winning children’s books and other elements of literacy programs. in schools and extracurricular activity centers. I am happy that the program continues to be a source of learning for our children in the future.

Today on Lavender Libros, City Council President Cynthia Borrego and Sylvia Maser, Founder / CEO of Global Give A Book, read This is not my hat by Jon Klassen.

“Global Give A Book is honored to be entrusted with the pursuit of Lavender Libros and looks forward to taking it to new heights,” said Sylvia Maser, Founder / CEO of Global Give A Book. “This platform brings joy, improved child literacy and early childhood development to our community. Global Give A Book would like to take this opportunity to thank Board Chair Cynthia Borrego for creating and delivering this amazing program for our children. The Lavender Libros program raises awareness in our community and empowers influential leaders to give back to our children, the leaders of tomorrow!

For updates on this program, please watch the Lavender Libros YouTube Channel. Lavender Libros provides an opportunity at home to lead and learn.


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