Twitter Book Collection | A bookworm’s paradise: Twitter user shares gigantic library, internet users call it “dream house”


Book shelves all around the Twitter user’s home. | Photo credit: Twitter

A series of photos uploaded to Twitter are going viral and it seems like a dream come true for any bookworm around the world. A user named Shoumik took to the microblogging site to post photos from his massive personal library.

There are organized book shelves and shelves and it looks like a bookcase to make a house feel more like home.

Take a look yourself. The photos were posted with the caption: “For those who didn’t know… I live in a library.

Indeed, the photo does justice to the caption posted by him. For a bookworm, this is the perfect place to live forever. Just imagine being surrounded by millions of books stacked and organized beautifully on shelves. Nothing less than a dream, right?

One of the photos posted also shows a cozy nook near the shelves, which is the perfect place to sit with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the experience that a book guarantees.

As soon as they were posted, the photos went viral for all the obvious good reasons. It has received 555 retweets and 8,000 likes so far and continues to gain momentum.

Internet users share it extensively on social media platforms, calling it the ultimate “dream house”.

Here are some of the reactions.

Some even went so far as to ask him to be their friend or go out with them! Now it will be quite a match made in heaven for any book lover!

What do you think? Are the pictures good looking or just a stack of books and nothing more?


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