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The Verde Valley Imagination Library (VVIL) has reached a milestone with more than 2,000 preschoolers who received 23,000 books last year, according to a press release.

“During the pandemic, when libraries, Head Start, and preschools had limited service, Dolly Parton’s book donation program was a vital resource for families with preschoolers,” a statement said. Press.

Children enrolled up to the age of 5 received a high-quality, free, age-appropriate book each month.

As part of the local program, nurses at Verde Valley Medical Center are giving parents of newborn babies the first book, “The Little Engine That Could,” help them enroll and explain that babies are born by listening and learning. .

The second book, labeled with the child’s name, arrives in the mail two to three months later, then monthly until his fifth birthday when he receives his “graduation” book, “Kindergarten Attention. , I come ! “

Head Start staff and librarians donated the first book when helping parents register. The two start using the books during virtual story time. The book’s sections contain tips specific to each story that parents and teachers can use to stimulate discussion and understanding.

From 2022, this advice will also be in Spanish.

How successful is the Verde Valley Imagination Library (VVIL)? On the Camp Verde back-to-school open house, Dolly Parton’s life-size stand-up drew parents to the Camp Verde library table displaying children’s programs and some of the books from the Imagination Library. . The good news – most of the older children had been enrolled in the program.

Dr Jean Barton, retired pediatrician and current chair of the VVIL board of directors, said: “Reading together strengthens language, vocabulary, listening skills and attention span. “

“This foundation of literacy develops over the first three years. Children exposed to both English and Spanish from an early age do very well, ”Barton said. “At least 12 of the books in the Imagination Library have text in English and Spanish. We suggest that a parent read or make up stories on the pictures in Spanish and another family member read the book in English. Some studies show that Imagination Library books help non-English speaking parents learn English with their babies and toddlers.

The VVIL is the local affiliate that manages the program. This is a completely voluntary, non-profit organization that raises funds to pay for books ordered each month. He pays for the return of undeliverable books and contacts these families to update addresses.

Volunteers drop off returned books at new locations and donate unclaimed books to Verde Valley Shrine, Head Start teachers, and Title I preschool teachers.

“We suggest parents donate used books to Twice Nice Thrift stores for Manzanita Outreach to distribute during mobile food sharing,” a press release said.

For more information, to register or to donate to Verde Valley Imagination Library, visit

Information provided by the Verde Valley Imagination Library.


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