10 creative ways to store your beloved book collection


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For readers, books are treasures. We buy too many, trade with friends, and devour our favorite novels until the covers fall apart. Whether you like mystery or non-fiction, romance or science fiction, your books are part of who you are. Therefore, displaying them creatively and aesthetically is one way of expressing yourself through interior design.

Read on for inspiration and some DIY bookcases and shelves this will make you reorganize your library right away.

Library inspiration for avid readers

Library inspiration

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How will you organize your growing library? There are a myriad of ways to change your library. Your guiding principles could be aesthetic or literary. Most lending libraries use the Dewey decimal system which groups books by subject. In that vein, you can try putting all of your mysteries on one shelf, romances on another, and non-fiction on a third. This system makes it easy to find a book according to your mood. Can’t remember the name of this love story that takes place in Spain? Head over to your romance shelf and quickly scan for the title.

You can also organize your library so that it is pleasing to the eye. One way is to group books of the same color together. Yellow thorns can cluster with orange, blue with green. If you have a lot of variety, you can create a full rainbow effect. For inspiration, check out Bluestocking Bookshelf on Instagram. Jen is a prolific book collector and her colorful shelving arrangements will make you swoon. If you prefer to mix and match your colorful tomes, you can also try an organization scheme that combines books of similar size or creates “waves” and “peaks.”

Check out some awesome shelving designs.

Simple DIY bookcases and shelves

Looking to refresh your library? There are many simple upgrades you can do on your own. A trip to IKEA for a new shelf is not necessary. You can improve whatever you have with some simple crafting supplies.

Two-tone shelf

Whether you’re working with shelving built into your walls or a freestanding bookcase, a two-tone color scheme is vibrant and modern. Choose two shades of the same color, like hot pink and ballerina slippers, or choose complementary colors. Using house paint or acrylic depending on your surface material, paint the inside of each shelf one color and the outside of the other. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can also line each shelf to give your books the perfect backdrop.

Hang your books like clothes

You probably never considered hanging up your favorite books like baby clothes or mobile. But this nifty design with a wall mounted clothes rack is an easy way to have these novels close at hand. Just use string or ribbon to create loops. Thread these loops through your books in two places so that they hang down evenly.

Filling a chimney

Many magnificent fireplaces are no longer in use. Take your brick and wood fireplaces and turn them into a useful, space-saving solution for your books. Some people just stack the volumes inside, but for a more organized appearance, build a simple wooden shelf to store inside.

Bring a forest inside

The fantasy of day reading in a forest is possible if you build a tree shelf. Some people may be lucky enough to have rooms built around living trees, but for the rest of us, follow these Decor Home Ideas instructions. While this project requires tools and carpentry experience, it’s worth the time and effort if you can craft this shelving unit.

Stepladder bookcase

This simple stepladder shelf is built with just three tools but looks like a decor straight out of Country life. Follow these instructions from Shanty-2-Chic to create your own statement piece. All your friends will soon be asking you to do one too!

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