10 Ways an Online Book Club Helps You Succeed in Business


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Reading is educational, helps you improve your communication skills, and can even sharpen your emotional intelligence. Reading and learning from your peers allows you to grow as an employee, business owner or industry influencer. And, if you don’t believe me, I’ve outlined 10 reasons why joining online book clubs can help you succeed in business.


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1. You will learn about topics that you otherwise would not have been able to discover.

Just because you’re a thought leader or industry leader doesn’t mean you know everything you need to know to be successful in business. Joining an online book club is a surefire way to get introduced to topics you never thought you’d read. Reading new genres of books will help free up space in your daily life, allowing you to make connections between other areas of work and your own. In addition to the above, online book clubs are a good way to hear other people’s views on certain topics.

2. You will be on new, interesting topics.

As mentioned above, book clubs give you the chance to hear what other people think about specific topics. Whether you agree with them or not, this is a great opportunity to dig deeper into specific topics. These post-reading discussions could also be an opportunity to meet thought-provoking authors and industry leaders online.

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3. Reading challenges you.

By joining an online book club, you will read books you disagree with. Reading books that challenge your beliefs will have a big impact on your ability to think creatively and educationally. Even if you disagree with most of its content, you can find interesting points in a book that could either change your opinions or improve them.

4. A book club helps you get organized.

Joining an online book club means you have to read books on time. By adding this low level of pressure to your reading assignments, you will learn to prioritize tasks, a skill that you can transfer to various aspects of your professional life.

5. It will improve your communication skills.

Practice makes perfect, and being part of an online book club means you’re bound to discuss your views on a specific topic while listening to others. Being able to communicate more effectively and cohesively will help you gain confidence when speaking from a professional point of view.

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6. You will be a confident speaker.

Being able to communicate effectively is one thing, standing in front of a crowd is another. Joining an online book club will give you the confidence to talk to people about your views and areas of expertise. You will learn how to summarize your information in a way that engages your audience.

7. You will learn a new script techniques and approaches.

By joining an online book club, you will have the chance to analyze writings with peers. You will be able to gain a better understanding of writing processes, techniques and approaches, improving your writing skills for future work projects or books you have in the works.

8. You can share your knowledge.

Every businessman or woman is bound to teach an individual a new skill at some point in their working life. By reading both familiar and new topics, you become a source of knowledge for your peers and employees. Sharing your observations and insights with others in your business will cement the lessons you’ve learned in your head while educating others more comprehensively.

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9. You will improve your leadership skills.

Choosing an online book club that regularly changes leaders will put you in a position where you will be forced to practice your leadership skills. As with business, you will be in the deep end, managing groups of people, from potentially different parts of the world, with different opinions.

10. You will earn valuable writing materials.

If you’re an influencer or thought leader who’s writing a book, joining an online book club is the perfect way to gather new sources for your research while learning people’s opinions on the topics you’re considering writing about. ‘to write.

To finish…

For some, joining an online book club is a fun hobby and a great way to kill time. But you’ll quickly notice that your communication, public speaking, leadership, and organizational skills will improve, helping you become a thought leader among your peers and setting you up for business success.


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