15 online book clubs for 2021 – book clubs to join today



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Join the club

There is something magical about sharing a good book with a friend. From comparing world-building notes to criticizing dull endings, book discussions keep a story alive long after the last page. When the world went locked in 2020, readers didn’t stop exchanging booknotes. Instead, they created websites and forums to host an online book club.

We are now at the end of 2021 and the Zoom parties have not stopped. It turns out that there is joy in communing from a distance. And the beauty of virtual clubs is that you can easily find a group of people who enjoy the same writing styles and book preferences as you.

To help save you time, we’ve rounded up 15 online book club options. Whether you want to read the Best books ever, book club books, teenage books, romance novels, black authored books or book subscription box titles, these virtual communities are the perfect place to start.

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School reading clubs

Past readings: Stone soup by Jon J Muth, Pete the cat: Trick or Pete by James Dean, Miracles on Maple Hill by Virginie Sorensen

The School Reading Club has been blown since 1948, so it’s no wonder the name conjures up memories of elementary school libraries and that new book scent. Scholastic Book Clubs help parents and teachers work together to provide children with a wide variety of non-fiction and fiction books, all at a relatively affordable price. It works like this: Teachers create a book club for their class, which triggers a mailing of digital or paper flyers with age-appropriate books that are available each month. Families order the books they want, then wait for the books to be delivered to their child’s class. Homeschooled parents can start their own family book clubs, so no one is left behind.



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