A mega collection of children’s summer books set up at the Swami Vivekananda Library


The Summer Mega Children’s Books collection is being installed at the Swami Vivekananda Library.

Books like the Jarnimo Stilton and Dork Diaries series are at the Junior Books exhibit. Members can also issue this new collection of 50 books on site.

Director of the Swami Vivekananda Library, Yatish Bhatele said that at present the number of members has increased, at present the number of children’s library members is around 500 child members . The number of total library members is around 1675.

A huge children’s collection on display in the library, which can be delivered by child members on the same day.

Yatish Bhatele said Holiday Stories author Ruskin Bond, Comics, Roald Dahl, The Ghost Road author Cheris Kotter and other books are included in this collection. Similarly, children should also be encouraged to read books from childhood. This time, a very attractive series is launched in the library.

More Books Like Cat Kid Comic Club Volseries, The Girl Who Drunk the Moon Author Kelly Burnhill, Holiday Stories Author Ruskin Bond, Dork Diaries Author Rachel Renee Russell, Artemis Foul Books Series, Young Kalam, Just So Stories Children’s Classics, Naxia Upcoming Author Scott Roentgen, Little Woman Author Louisa May Alcott, The Magic Shop Author Subhadra Sen Gupta, The Voyages Doctor Dolittle Author Hugh Lofting and more.


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