The following materials were added to the Farmington Public Library during the month of March 2022.


Asher, April – Not the witch you married

Barry, Kevin – That Old Country Music: Stories

Beare, Geraldine – Crime Stories from the “Strand”

Benoît, Marie – His Hidden Genius: A Novel

Burke, Alafair – Find Me: A Novel

Chan, Jessamine – School for Good Mothers: A Novel

Cosimano, Elle – Finlay Donovan Knocks Them Out

Cumming, Charles – Box 88

Darnielle, John – Devil’s House

Davis, Fiona – Magnolia Palace: A Novel

De Lint, Charles – Spirits in the Wires

DeLuca, Jen – Well Matched

People also read…

Evison, Jonathan – Small World: A Novel

Fluke, Joanne – Caramel Pecan Roll Murder

Gramont, Nina de – The Christie Affair

Griffith, Harry C. – In Her Place: A Modern-Day Challenge for In His Steps Readers

Gudenkauf, Heather – One Night Guest

Harris, Kai – What the Fireflies Knew: A Novel

Hawley, Noah – Anthem: A Novel

Herman, Kathy – Relentless Pursuit

Jago, Lucy – A net for small fish

James, Peter – Left You Dead

Jurczyk, Eva – The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections: A Novel

Kapelke-Dale, Rachel – The Ballerinas: A Novel

Kellerman, Jonathan – City of the Dead

Kennedy, Elle – Good Girl Complex

Lloyd, Kate – Starting from Scratch

Maas, Sarah J. – House of Sky and Breath

Maher, Kerri – The Parisian bookseller

McGee, Stephenia H. – A Wagon Train Weekend

McGuire, Seanan – Where the Drowned Girls Go

Mohamed, Nadifa – Men of Fortune

Moore, Scotto – Battle of the Linguist Mages

Morgenthaler, Sarah – Enjoy the view

Nagamatsu, Sequoia – How Far Do We Go in the Dark: A Novel

Oono, Kousuke – The Way of the House Husband, Vol. 3

Oono, Kousuke – The Way of the House Husband, Vol. 4

Patterson, James – Stealing

Petersheim, Jolina – The ditch

Peterson, Tracie – Ever Constant

Preston, Douglas J. – Diablo Mesa

Rivers, Francine – The Lady’s Mine: A Novel

Robb, JD – Abandoned in Death

Robert, Katee – Electric Idol

Solomon, Rachel Lynn – Weather Girl

Stapley, Marissa – Lucky

Torre, AR – Every Last Secret

Turnham, Peter – None Rise: From the Ashes of the Blitz to the D-Day Landings, One Woman’s Remarkable Story

Umrigar, Thrity N. – Honor: A Novel

Vidich, Paul – The Matchmaker: A Spy in Berlin

Waldon, Lacie – The Stopover

Weber, David – Into the Light

Wibberley, Emily – The Hardest Draft

Wilkerson, Charmaine – Black Cake: A Novel

Yanagihara, Hanya – In paradise


Andrews, VC – The Umbrella Lady

Baart, Nicole – Everything We Didn’t Say

Cousens, Sophie – I haven’t met you yet

Hooper, Kay – The Curse of Salem

Hoover, Colleen – Reminders of Him: A Novel

James, Miranda – Classified as Murder: A Cat in the Stacks Mystery

Johnstone, William W. – The Hunter’s Moon

Johnstone, William W. – Until Death

Leigh, Melinda – Watch Her Die

Lewis, Preston – Choctaw Trail

Manning, Jason-Flintlock

Patterson, James – The Horsewoman: A Novel

Reay, Katherine – The London House

Steel, Danielle – Invisible: A Novel

Taylor, Mary Ellen – The Words We Whisper

Tyler, Ben – The Cowboy and the Scallywag

White, Karen – The Queen Street Attic

Wilkinson, Gina – When Apricots Bloom

Williams, Denise – The fastest way to fall


Bertinelli, Valérie – Enough already: learning to love the way I am today

Brackey, Jolene – Creating Joyful Moments Along the Alzheimer’s Journey

Bradley, James – Flags of Our Fathers

Brown, Pat – The Profiler: My Life in Search of Serial Killers and Psychopaths

Dettmer, Philipp – Immune: A journey into the mysterious system that keeps you alive

Gracie, Rickson – Breathe: A Life in Motion

Guarnere, William – Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends: Two World War II paratroopers from the Brothers soundtrack tell their stories

Lamb, Brian – The Presidents: Renowned Historians Rank America’s Best and Worst Business Leaders

Lessin, Roy – For my eyes have seen your salvation

Morrison, Robert – The Regency Years: When Jane Austin Writes, Napoleon Fights, Bryon Makes Love, and Britain Becomes Modern

Sancton, Julian – Madhouse at Earth’s End: The Belgica’s Voyage Through Dark Antarctic Night

Schulz, Kathryn – Lost and Found: A Memoir

Shedd, Warner – Owls are naughty and bats are not blind: a naturalist debunks our favorite wildlife misconceptions

Sledge, EB – With the old breed in Peleliu and Okinawa

Stone, Larry – The Story of the Bible: The Fascinating Story of Its Writing, Translation, and Effect on Civilization

Sullivan, Rosemary – The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation

Tucci, Stanley – Taste: My Life Through Food


Bates, Amy June – When I draw a panda

Biedrzycki, David – Invasion of the Unicorns

Boelts, Maribeth – Kaia and the bees

Border, Terry – Spooky Snacks!

Brokerage, Herbert – Earth and All Stars

Chapman, Aimee – My Little Book of Animals

Chen, Eva – I’m Golden

Dewdney, Anna – Llama Llama and the Bully Goat

Elliott, David – Color the Sky

Fenske, Jonathan – After Squidnight

Harper, Charise – Mericle Pepper & Boo: Puddle Trouble

Hays, Anna Jane – Cookie See! Cookies to make!

Henkes, Kevin – When Spring Comes

Howard, Lee – Let’s go!

It’s good to be a narwhal

John, Jory – Day One Critter Jitters

Llewellyn, Claire – Why should I listen?

Marcero, Deborah – Out of a Jar

McAnulty, Stacy – Max Explains It All: Puppy Expert

Norman, Kim – I know a little pig

Rosenthal, Amy Krouse – Dear Daughter

Russo, Brian – Yoga Rabbit

Talkington, Bruce – Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Magi Gift

Thompson, Alexandra – A Family for Louie

Twiss, Jill – The Someone New

Underwood, Deborah – Every Little Letter

Wing, Natasha – The Night Before Kindergarten


Bradley, Fleur – Midnight at the Barclay Hotel

Citro, Asia – Sea Horses and Bubbles

Durfey-Lavoie, Lee – Roll With It

Farina, Katy – Photo of Karen’s school

Fergus, Maureen – Meatloaf Crazy

Korman, Gordon – Operation Do-Over

Martin, Ann M – Good-Bye Stacey, Good-Bye (The Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novel #11): A Graphix Book

McAnulty, Stacy – Millionaires of the month

Patrick, cat – Tornado brain

Reynolds, Aaron – Rex Dexter’s Incredibly Dead Animals

Simpson, Dana – Phoebe and her unicorn: Unicorn Famous Vol. 13

Soontornvat, Christina – A Wish in the Dark

Souders, Taryn – Coop knows the scoop

Stier, Catherine – I am Jax, Protector of the Ranch Book 1

Vrabel, Beth – The Newspaper Club


Catrow, David – We the Kids: The Preamble to the United States Constitution

Fleming, Candace – The Curse of the Mummy: Discovery of Tutankhamun’s Tomb

Grimes, Nikki – Voice of Christmas

Hannah-Jones, Nikole – The 1619 Project: Born on the Water

Lawler, Janet – Morse Song

Mihaly, Christy – Water: A Deep Dive into Discovery

Miles, David – The Declaration of Independence Side by Side

Pieper, Jeanne – A special place for Santa Claus: a legend for our time

Sandstrom, Donna – Orca Rescue! : The true story of an orphan orca named Springer

Young, Sarah – Bible Storybook About The Call of Jesus


Ahmadi, Arvin – How it all blew up

Blake, Kendare – In Every Generation

Brodsky, Demetra – Last Girls

Carpenter, Nora – The Edge of It All

Christo, Alexandra – To kill a kingdom

Fukuda, Andrew Xia – This Light Between Us: A World War II Novel

Hartman, Rachel – In the Serpent’s Wake

Higuera, Donna Barba – The Last Cuentista

Ishida, Sui – Tokyo Ghoul: Tokyo Guru Vol. 13

Johnson, Kim – This is my America

McGinnis, Mindy – Don’t Be Away From Me

Murphy, Emily Bain – Shards of Scarlet

Reynolds, Jason – Ain’t Burned All The Shining

Schwartz, Dana – Anatomy: A Love Story

Sebastian, Laura – Castles in Their Bones

Sepetys, Ruta – I must betray you

Shusterman, Neal–Roxy

Takeuchi, Naoko – Sailor Moon volume 7: Pretty guardian

Terciero, Rey – Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy: A Modern Tale of Little Women

Thomas, Sherry – The Magnolia Sword: A Ballad of Mulan

Valentino, Serena – Evil Thing

Weir, Andy – Cheshire Crossing


Allaire, Christian – The power of style: how fashion and beauty are used to reclaim cultures

Heumann, Judith E. – Rolling Warrior: The Incredible, Sometimes Clumsy, True Story of a Rebellious Girl on Wheels Who Helped Start a Revolution

Krimstein, Ken – When I Grow Up: The Lost Autobiographies of Six Yiddish Teenagers


Jance, JA – Nothing to Lose

Kellerman, Jonathan – City of the Dead

Rivers, Francine – The Lady’s Mine

Shah, Saira – Storyteller’s Daughter


Feehan, Christine – Murder at Lake Sunrise

Fluke, Joanne – Caramel Pecon Roll Murder

Gabaldon, Diana – Go Tell The Bees I’m Gone

Steel, Danielle – Invisible


Manifest: the complete first season

Paw Patrol: Howl to Save

Spidey and his amazing friends


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