AN Launches Fundraising for William F. Menking Book Collection


William “Bill” Menking, co-founder and editor of The architect’s journaldied a year ago on April 11. The local and global architecture community is not quite the same after his departure.

Dozens of tributes paid in Ain Bill’s inbox in the days and weeks after Bill passed away after a long battle with cancer. A collected and published on a stand-alone website. Reading these memories now, a crystal clear portrait of Bill quickly emerges – sociable, charming, intelligent, charitable and above all scholarly.

Bill’s personal library bears witness to this scholarship. He had a vast knowledge and dedication to the history of architecture, urban planning, urbanism, design, contemporary arts and popular countercultures. With over 2,000 volumes, the collection underscores its commitment to education, knowledge sharing and unbridled curiosity.

And now he needs a home.

Bill hoped to transfer the majority of his library to the Pratt Institute, making it accessible to students and faculty for years to come. Diana Darling, co-founder/editor of The architect’s journal and longtime partner of Bill, wants to make his wish come true.

But we need your help!

Alumni, supporters and A friends and readers can browse Bill’s collection and “sponsor” one or more library titles. Individual donations start at $10 per book, the proceeds of which will fund the transfer of the collection as well as a project yet to be revealed to Pratt. A special “book plaque” is designed by artist Barbara Bloom to commemorate each volume. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Diana would like to give special thanks to Ken Saylor for cataloging and assembling the collection. Additional thanks go to Harriet Harriss, Simone Kaplan-Senchak, Russell Abell, Barbara Bloom, Matt Hoffman, Samuel Medina and AN Media Group, as well as Grace Farms Foundation, The Steel Institute of New York, The Ornamental Institute of New York , Vitro and YKK.

Please contact Diana Darling for more information at: [email protected]


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