Announcing the Winners of the VOP Summer Reading Program


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The Sir Keithlyn Smith Foundation, in conjunction with Observer Radio’s People’s Voice, is pleased and proud to announce this year’s winners Voice of the People Summer Reading Program Art Competition. The winners were Mrs Kelsey Cochrane, 9, from Piggots Primary School (1st prize), Mrs. Rhekeisha Manning, 10 years old from SDA school (2n/a prize), and Mr. Brandon Canoville, 15, from Clarehall Secondary School.

The prizes awarded were a laptop computer (first prize); a US$100 Amazon gift card (2n/a prize) and a US$50 gift certificate to Best of Books (3rd price).

After the successful third year of the reading project aired on Observer Radio’s Voice of the People radio show with Paul Quinn and Franz deFreitas, students were challenged to tell the story of Mary Prince with art. Mary Prince, an enslaved woman, who has lived in Antigua for most of her adult life, was the first woman of color to petition the British Parliament, and she played an important role in the passage of the law on the Abolition of Slavery of 1833, which ended slavery. in all the British colonies.

Students were encouraged to tell their stories in paintings, drawings, digital art, dioramas or collages. This year, the committee had the pleasure of selecting the 3 winners from a wide range of submissions.

Congratulations to all the young people who participated in this year’s competition. The selection of books for next year’s Summer Reading Project will be announced early next year.

Also recognized in this project are members of Antiguas and Barbudans for Constitutional Reform and Education (ABCRE), Friends of the Antigua Public Library – NY (FOAPL-NY), National Public Library, National Museum and Barbara Arrindell of Best of Books, for their support of this annual activity.

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