Asam Sahitya Sabha goes digital and deploys online book archive


Guwahati: Asam Sahitya Sabha (ASS), Assam’s oldest literary and cultural organization, started its digital journey on Sunday by launching an archive of old books, a YouTube channel and a Facebook page.

The century-old body has also decided to upload Assamese folk tales on various audio apps.

At an event here, Cotton University Vice-Chancellor Bhabesh Chandra Goswami inaugurated the Digital Archive, which currently contains around 500 ancient and valuable books and journals.

SSA President Kuladhar Saikia said he did not want the organization to be identified only as a group of older writers without any involvement from the younger generation.

“If we don’t take the new technology bus, we will be left behind. That’s why we talked about new modes of communication. And today, we are happy to begin our journey into the digital medium,” he added.

The state-run PSU, Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd (AMTRON), has provided technical support for document scanning, the number of which will gradually increase, Saikia said.

“Various colleges and universities have been involved in this process. Many individuals have digitized old books at home and sent them to us for archiving. This initiative is carried out in association with communities and people,” he added.

Saikia said that from now on, SSA programs can be watched live on YouTube while folk tales from different tribes in the North Eastern state will be uploaded to audio apps such as Spotify, Gaana and Amazon Music. .

“We want to involve the new generation with the Sahitya Sabha. Only SSA cannot advance the Assamese language, we need the support of all people of Assam,” he added.

According to its website, the ASS was incorporated for the development of Assamese language, literature and culture in 1917. The organization evolved from two earlier bodies based in Kolkata, Asamiya Bhasa Unnati Sadhini Sabha’ and Assamese Literary Society’ which were established by Assamese students.

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