Best Bookends 2021: Functional and Stylish Designs to Support Your Book Collection



Whether your book collection spills over every shelf or you just have a few favorites lined up, no row of tomes is complete without a few bookends.

Book collections can reveal a lot about a person, adding authentic character to a room and personalizing your living space, but organization is key.

Bridging the gap between practical and ornamental, bookends don’t just support and order your books, but can add pretty details to your display.

From Keith Haring-inspired designs to ornamental Renaissance-style bookends, our picks below are not just props for your books, but have the potential to be standout interior pieces on their own.

We took into account the style and aesthetics of our edition, as well as their weight and ability to hold our (excessive) collection of books.

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The heavier the weight, the higher the price, but we’ve included options for all budgets. From wacky to functional, brighten up your personal library with these top picks.

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Rockett St George Black & White Male Bust Bookends

Ornamental yet practical, these Rockett St George bookends bring a touch of Renaissance style to your living space. The pair is sculpted in the style of Michelangelo’s David with the black and white contrast creating a striking look. Whether on a shelf, side table, or bookshelf, bookends work well for holding a large amount of books and are a unique take on a fully functional product. For a sleek, heavy pair of bookends that rival high-end designer pieces, the price tag is also impressive.

Tom Dixon Spiral Tiered Bookends

The most decadent in terms of price in our edition, this pair of swirling tiered bookends that double as candle holders will add artistic charm to your personal library. Contrasting prints at each end provide a nice touch while the marble swirl style is very popular for interiors this year.

Working equally well with individual decorative bookends as well as together, the pair has substantial weight and there is no risk of your books tipping over. The price is due to the design of the marble which is made by recycling the powder residues from the marble industry. They’re popular though, so be sure to sign up for emails to find out when they’ll be back in stock.

Flexx Lex Keith Haring Bookends

This funny pair of bookends features American artist Keith Haring’s most famous symbol: the barking dog. Authorized by the Keith Haring Foundation, this rendition of artists’ coveted etiquette looks great even when they’re not holding any books. While not the heaviest, bookends do a decent job of holding at least five tomes and for under £ 15, they’re a quirky and unique addition to your book collection. More stock is expected in the next two weeks.

Greek designers Sophia Cycladic Greek statue bookends

These artistic sculptures are handcrafted from 100% ceramine and made to order so that you have a completely unique pair of bookends. The Greek Designers are independent brand and you pay for the quality and weight, which means they’re perfect for a bustling home library. As well as being a fully functional addition to your bookcase, they are a beautiful decorative piece that will really add character to your display.

Romwe iron bookends

If you’re not looking for anything overly fancy, these iron effect bookends are a great budget option that gets the job done. The simple shape and industrial style are beautifully minimalist and perfect for everything from organizing the desk to showcasing all your favorite tomes. Simple, yet incredibly sturdy, you can’t go wrong for less than £ 10.

Brambly Cottage Bicycle Bookends

Whether you are an avid cyclist or not, this pair of Brambly Cottage bicycle bookends is a quirky addition to your library. Handcrafted from cast iron, they are sturdy and sturdy enough to provide more than enough row of support for your books. The front and rear halves of the bike are covered in a mocha powder coating which gives them a retro and industrial feel. We think they would make the perfect gift for someone too.

Bamboo Itoda Bookends

These bamboo effect bookends are another great budget option that add simple details to your book collection. Whether used for desk organization or desk ordering, the oval shape and wood finish create a subtle look. They aren’t the heaviest pair, but are functional enough for just £ 12.

Hay W&S boulder bookends

If you’ve seen this designer piece all over your Instagram feed, we think now is the time to invest. The elegant bookend comes from Copenhagen-based designer duo Wang & Soderstrom, specializing in sculptural 3D printed objects and unique molded stoneware. The ceramic rock is heavy and supports your books – being both functional and adding a Scandinavian touch and beautiful texture to your shelves.

The verdict: bookends

Bordering on functionality and adornment, Rockett St George bookends are a stylish and interesting addition to your personal library. If you are on a more limited budget, the Romwe irons are a beautiful minimalist piece and if you are willing to spend a little more, the Rock Hay will instantly enhance any display.

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