Best online book clubs to join – ebook or paper book



Books play a big role in our lives, improving in many ways. They help us relax and ground ourselves. They elicit feelings of emotions like compassion, empathy, kindness, and many more. Whether you’re an ebook reader or enjoy the smell of a crisp, new paperback book, it’s always a pleasure to share and discuss the book with your fellow readers. Book clubs are the most wonderful places to keep in touch with like-minded people, expanding your knowledge of literature.

However, not everyone has the time to physically attend a book club in today’s busy world, do they? Especially with the pandemic. Luckily, the internet provides some of the best online book clubs to connect with other readers virtually anytime and anywhere around the world. Here are 5 of the best online book clubs to join

Reese’s Book Club aims to put women at the center of every story; his book club echoes that message; the books are written by women and about women. Each month, the club chooses a female-centric novel to discuss. Her selections intensify and strengthen the voices of women and authors of color, focusing her conversations on community and relationships. They even offer an app where you sign up and bond with other book clubbers and hear announcements.

the Happy Reading Choice Award Club is dedicated to all bookworms. An online platform that brings together a wide range of members can vote for the best books. Top picks often include winners, new bestsellers, and top-rated books on Goodreads. So if you’re not sure where to start, this is a great club for finding books in your favorite genre, whether it’s fantasy, literary fiction, or thriller.

the Stacks is a book club in podcast form by Traci Thomas. They bring in a guest speaker who usually stays for two episodes. In the first, they talk and discuss books and reading in general, while the second episode is dedicated to the book of the month, chosen by the club members. They have a wide range of books, from classics to poetry and the latest releases.

The Silent Book Club

As its name suggests, The Silent Book Club is a mix of silent reading and discussion. But the most appealing aspect is that these are virtual meetings. In these virtual encounters, you can stay in your pajamas and reading team t shirt so there’s a lot less time to prepare and more time for the actual reading. The first half is for silent reading of your choice, and in the second half you discuss and share what you have learned.

The rebel club is based in the UK and believes that “reading is like a software update for the brain”. They read non-fiction that focuses on learning and growing. They establish themselves as a “community of readers, thinkers and doers”. The Rebel Club holds virtual meetings every month, invites authors and experts and learns from them on various topics. They also shortlist three non-fiction books with a new theme each month, and the one and only winner is finalized by member voting.


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