“BOOK IT!” Reading program still exists in Indiana, KY and IL


Was there anything better than getting that last sticker on your BOOK IT! pin and bring it to Pizza Hut for a free pizza? Let me tell you, in the 80s all you had to do to get a free pizza was read books.

Solve this equation



My friends from the 80s and 90s, you solved this simple picture quiz quite easily. We were reading books for a while, and our teacher was putting these cute star stickers on our purple BOOK IT book! buttons. Once the star spots were filled, our parents had to take us immediately to the nearest Pizza Hut to claim our reading prize – The Personal Pan Pizza.

those were the good days

Guess what – BOOK IT! Still exist! I just thought that was a thing of the past. The program has evolved since 1984 and even includes a homeschooling option, but the reward is still that precious personal pizza.

Are there any buttons?

In my research, I found that many people sell vintage BOOK IT! pins on eBay.

“RESERVE!” 1985 PIZZA HUT, Inc PIN BADGE Pinback Book Club

Now on the official ‘BOOK IT!’ website there is a Teacher’s Toolkit section. This includes many neat coloring sheets and fun reminders to read throughout the month. Then I see what seems to be the button of today. Compared to our super cool pins from the 80s and 90s, this print just doesn’t have the same feel. Or, as our kids might say, “It hits differently.”



Calling all cool parents

If your children have the BOOK IT! program, it would be nice to buy a button on eBay and see if the teacher will accept it. If you know of any schools in our area that are participating, we’d love to hear from them to see if it works. Of course, I really want to ask them if they would prefer buttons and stickers again.

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