Book Online, White Flight and Racism in Chicago in 1969




By Ray Hanania

The online book is titled “Midnight Flight,” The History of Racism in Chicago in the 1960s. The book is a memoir of life on the Southeastern side of Chicago in the 1960s and how the officers real estate using racial fears forced white homeowners to search for their homes for profit by selling them to African Americans.

The more African Americans started buying houses in 1969, the faster the houses sold and the white owners fled.

This book is a look at the White Flight experience from my perspective based on my experiences. Although my memory of the events is not 100% accurate, I have done my best to be as precise as possible.

In a final chapter, 13, I post the memories of other people who have read the book and encourage you to share your story by posting in the comments section of the last chapter, 13.

To read the book, click on this link here.

Midnight Flight: online book on Race in Chicago

Ray Hanania House at 89th and Luella Avenue.  Photo 2017
Ray Hanania House at 89th and Luella Avenue. Photo 2017

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