Book returned to Budapest Library after 43 years


A book has been returned to the Szabó Ervin Library in Budapest (FSZEK) 43 years after it was borrowed, the institution wrote on its Facebook page.

A lady asked the library if she needed a copy of Are you happy now? by Judit G. Szabó, with bookmark. She didn’t borrow the book, she just found it.

The title question “Are you happy now?” seems to fit the situation:

We can only say yes because it’s not every day that a book you borrowed so long ago reappears after all this time. In fact, we hope it brought a lot of happiness to his original lender if he clung to it so tightly,”

the library wrote.


The Ervin Szabó Metropolitan Library is Budapest’s largest library network. The library is now 13,000 m² and Houses Budapest’s largest public book collection with a capacity of 1,100,000 volumes. He is appointed after a Hungarian sociologist, librarian and anarcho-syndicalist revolutionary.

“An interesting fact is that if a late payment fee were to be charged for the elapsed time (of course, this is not in question), the bill would amount to 861,850 HUF (2,400 EUR)”, said added library. There too could not even someone to collect the fees.

The book is readily available for purchase. A second-hand copy costs about a thousand forints on online sites.

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Featured Image: Ervin Szabó Metropolitan Library Facebook page


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