Chicopee Library Summer Reading Program


The Chicopee Public Library has launched its annual summer reading program.

What do you want to know

  • Summer Reading Program at Chicopee Library runs by August 13
  • Every five hours of reading you get a chance to win a raffle prize
  • This year’s theme is stacks and tales
  • 100 people have signed up for the program so far

“Even though it’s educational, it’s a bit underhanded because they get prizes or incentives to read and it gives them something to do,” Ambreen Rafiq said.

Rafiq has two daughters, Amaan and Aleena Khan, who participate in the program.

“I was part of it when I was little, when I was going to Bellamy, so it’s fun for them,” Rafiq said.

The library encourages children to read during the summer holidays and they try to make it fun.

“Summer reading is a great time to continue preparing your academic brain to go back to school next year, especially right now after we’ve had a big hiatus in our lives due to the pandemic” , said Erin Daly, the library’s youth services. coordinator “It’s great to read anything. It’s great to read something you choose to read.”

The library offers raffle prizes for reading, all of which are tracked on a reading log with a map.

“You can color a box for every hour of reading and you get a lucky draw every five hours,” Daly said. “You can travel the world watching animals with tails and reading stories that are different tales, because our theme is ‘tails and tales’ this year.”

So far around 100 people have signed up for the program and the library said it was happy to help more get started.

“If you come here and you’re not sure you like to read, I’ll find you something so come on in and whatever you like, there must be a book for you,” Daly said.

Rafiq’s girls know what they like and they have no problem finding good stories to read.

“All kinds of dog books, we’re puppy lovers,” Rafiq said.

The summer reading program continues until August 13. Anyone wishing to participate can register on the library website.


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