College Town Public Library Book Challenge: Silent Women


28 October 2021

Santa Rosa, California is a growing city that still feels like a small town – which is why it is so shocking when a young woman is found strangled to death in a popular park, two years old. only after two other young women were found in similar circumstances. in the same park. Detective Eddie Mahler and his team at the SRPD’s Violent Crime Investigation Department believe the three murders are related, and Mahler is convinced he knows who committed it. Mahler’s employees, however, are not so sure, and using their different methodologies, they are determined to find the right fit.

This is the very definition of a police procedure, because I felt like I was reading an episode of Criminal minds, with the jaded boss who is haunted by “the one who ran away,” the uncertain new blonde detective from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, the guy who remembers everything about every crime they’ve investigated, and munching computer genius. The only thing missing was Shemar Moore, and man, what a guy to ignore! Seriously, there was nothing particularly * bad * about this book, there just wasn’t much that made it stand out for me either. So read it if you are a fan of Criminal minds or one of Law and order watch, I guess.

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