Corners of Brookfield toy, collection of books after the Waukesha tragedy



Now that Thanksgiving is over, the focus is on the winter holiday season. Buyers flocked on Saturday, November 27 for ongoing offers for Black Friday, with some focusing on purchases made early amid supply chain issues.

“It’s something special, especially now that we can be as a family,” said Mary Anne Maglalang, visiting The Corners of Brookfield from California. “It’s a wonderful time.”

No matter what you’re hoping for this holiday season, whether it’s snow, gifts, or pretty lights, it’s time to start looking.

“That’s what we came for,” said Katherine Fronda, from California. “We don’t have that here in California.”

“We’re just playing in the Gingerbread House,” said Emily and Hailey Erdmann.

“I saw a lot of empty shelves with certain toys, and things like that,” said Sara Olson from New Berlin.

The Olson family did most of their holiday shopping online after hearing about potential toy shortages due to supply chain issues.

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“We kind of heard that something was going on,” Olson said. “We made sure to start shopping early, especially for toys. There were a few different toys that I heard were going to sell out quickly.”

The Corners of Brookfield is also Toy Finder, partnering with the Bronzeville Foundation to collect new toys and books for patients at Children’s Wisconsin following the Waukesha Parade tragedy, something on the minds of buyers as this holiday season begins.

“I know a lot of people are trying to do whatever they can to help,” Erdmann said. “I think anything anyone can contribute, whether it’s money or time, is appreciated.”

The Corners of Brookfield is part of an effort to give back to victims of the Waukesha Parade as well as staff at Children’s Wisconsin, planning to provide meals on Monday.

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