Dolly Parton explained how the Imagination Library isn’t just about teaching kids to read: ‘They feel special’


According Dolly Partonhis charity Imagination library project does more than help children learn to read. She’s proud to be part of something that gives children around the world access to books and helps promote reading, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Parton explained how her father was the inspiration behind her work, how the program helps in addition to promoting early reading and why the project means so much to her.

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Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library has donated over 150 million books worldwide

In an interview with the Associated pressParton explained how she started the Library of the Imagination because the cause was personal to him. “…My dad couldn’t read or write, and I saw how crippling it could be,” she shared.

She said her father was a brilliant man, but she “often wondered what he could have done if he had been able to read and write”.

Therefore, her father inspired her to start the imagination library. And by 2021, the program had given away more than 150 million pounds worldwide to children under 5, according to the website. In addition, California has just joined so that millions more children will benefit.

“It’s a big deal,” Parton told AP. “That’s a lot of kids. And we are so honored and proud to have all the communities making this happen…”

“I get a lot of credit for the work that a lot of people are doing,” she noted.

Dolly Parton said her imaginative library makes kids feel special

According to Parton, there is more than one benefit for children in the Imagination Library program. “It’s more [than] about children learning to read,” she said. vogue“It’s the fact that they are recognized.”

She added: “They get this little book with their nickname in the mail and they feel special. They begin to be proud of themselves and they know that someone is thinking of [them].”

Some children call the famous singer-songwriter the “book lady,” while others spread the word about the country music icon’s charity. ‘Dolly Parton sent me the books,’ said one recipient The PBS News Hour.

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Dolly Parton said it’s not hard to be proud of her work for children with the Imagination Library

Parton explained how to get recognition of philanthropy isn’t the reason she’s doing it, but she’s happy with how the exhibit can help good causes. She told Vogue “it means a lot to [her]to get the job done.

She asked, “How hard can it be for me to be proud of the Library of Imagination, knowing that I’m helping put books into the hands of children around the world?”

“We’ve done so many wonderful things through the Imagination Library,” she explained, adding that the project has “done great things for children in their impressionable young years so they can learn to read. and write”.

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