Florida State University Celebrates Newly Full Professors with Library Endowment Book Collection

Florida State University granted tenure to 54 faculty members—the most awarded tenure in an academic year to date. (FSU Photography Services)

Florida State University Libraries, Office of Faculty Development and Advancement, and Office of the President honored newly appointed faculty through the Newly Inducted Faculty Celebration and Showcase of the library’s endowment book collection.

Each of the 54 faculty members—the most awarded tenure in an academic year to date—chosen a book or media selection to be permanently displayed in one of the FSU Libraries’ collections in recognition of their achievements.

“These faculty have worked hard for their tenure and have developed an impressive record of teaching, service and research,” said President John Thrasher. “The books they have selected are a lasting legacy to honor their accomplishments, while enriching the collections of our libraries.”

Established in 2011, the Celebration of Tenure Endowment provides a lasting legacy for FSU tenured faculty. Each selection of books or media includes a bookplate bearing the faculty member’s name, department, and tenure year. Additionally, faculty members are asked to write a brief paragraph explaining why the book or multimedia collection they have chosen is meaningful to them.

“I congratulate each newly tenured faculty member on this crucial milestone of achievement,” said Gale Etschmaier, dean of libraries at Florida State University. “It is so fitting to recognize the importance of the inspiration of past scholarship in their research and achievement.”

To see the list of newly appointed professors and the books or documents they have selected, visit lib.fsu.edu.


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