Free reading program created for Florida students in K-5


Eligible students must be in kindergarten through 5th grade and below their reading level.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The New Worlds Reading initiative was created in 2021 with help from Florida Legislation, the University of Florida, and Scholastic.

“Providing books and resources to families, we know is just a huge part of this puzzle to support our students and their families,” said Shaunte Duggins, Deputy Principal of New Worlds Reading.

Duggins says more than 500,000 Florida students in kindergarten through fifth grade are below their reading level. This year, 125,000 of them signed up for the free program.

“Even if their reading scores improve, which we want, they’ll stay enrolled through 5th grade, which means they can get up to 54 pounds,” Duggins said.

The program is designed to help families get their students on the right track by sending a book home every month, along with other activities to help them learn the material more easily.

“I’ve heard from many parents, they don’t know where to start, so we provide ready-to-use handy resources personalized to each book they receive so they know what questions to ask. They know what words to flag. They know how to engage with their child around this book,” Duggins said.

Registration is still open for the program, you can find out more about the New Worlds Reading initiative by clicking here.

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