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The Indianapolis Library Store is hosting a sale to raise funds for local literacy and education. Mike Ehret, Indy Library Store Coordinator, joined us today with all the details. Here is more of him:

We still have the same ledgers; the same great CDs, DVDs and BluRays. But this time you can choose the format in which you prefer to shop. Do you like the open format (no registration, the more the merrier) or are you more comfortable with a format that limits the number of buyers who can attend?

From September 15 to 23 will be a hybrid sale.

If you prefer the limited format, look for dates on the registration form that include the word “Limited”. Otherwise, register for the day you prefer!

For a limited session, you will register for a 90-minute block (sale dates indicate “limited” in the registration). Registrations are limited to a maximum of 40 buyers per limited session. Each person who wishes to attend a limited session must register separately, whether they are an adult or a child. If you wish to attend an unlimited session, you do not need to register.

We also ask all customers, as well as our staff and volunteers, to wear a face mask even if you are fully vaccinated, whether you are attending a limited or unlimited session. And, of course, social distancing is always a good idea for added security.

You can register for as many sessions, limited or unlimited, as you want.

What about special sale days?

There will be two half-price days. One will be open and the other will require registration.

There will also be a $ 7 bag day with no registration required.

We look forward to seeing you there whether you come on fully open dates or on limited dates.

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