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If you’re a bibliophile, this Twitter post might touch you.

Posted to Twitter by @shoumik__ on August 7, this tweet consists of three images. The photographs were shared with a caption that read: “For those who didn’t know… I live in a library”.

The photos show several wooden shelves filled with books, from top to bottom. The second image also shows a wooden chair placed between shelves in a corner, making it the perfect reading nook.

Discover the photos below which make many Internet users say: “I need that”.

Since it was shared on Twitter, this post has caught the attention of Internet users. It also seems to have inspired the desire for a personal library among many. The tweet currently has nearly 780 retweets and comments as well as nearly 7,900 likes. Unsurprisingly, these numbers are steadily increasing.

Here’s what tweeple had to say about the action. One person said, “I am jealous”. Another person wrote: “I need this”.

“I want this,” a comment below the post read. One Twitter user in particular said, “It’s so healthy,” and we totally agree with that.

Someone on the thread proclaimed, “This is such a flex”, while a tweep asked, “Are you looking for a roommate?”

The original poster explained the whole situation by writing, “Guys, that’s only 70-75% of all the books, there’s a total of about 8,000.”

What do you think of this post? Do you also feel an intense desire for such a collection of books?

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