Johnson County Library patron returns video tape 19 years past its due date


Last week, a patron of the Johnson County Library surprised library staff by returning a VHS tape of the Russian-language film “Burnt By the Sun,” 19 years after its scheduled release date. Image via JoCo Library Facebook page.

Johnson County Staff Central Resource Library saw a particularly unusual comeback last week when a customer brought back a videotape 19 years after its original date.

Driving the news: The patron returned a copy of the Oscar-winning Russian-language film “Burnt by the Sun” on VHS – a media team guy says the library largely doesn’t carry anymore.

  • The item was originally marked as a 7 day loan when checked out in 2003.
  • Amy Field, web content developer for the Johnson County Library, said it came as a surprise to library staff, who took it in stride.
  • “It’s a blast from the past for us,” she said. “Sometimes they have old library stickers on them or the old ways of categorizing items, and it’s always fun for librarians to revisit.”

What was the fine? As for late items in general, items that pass their due date incur a fine of 30 cents for each day they are not returned, according to JoCo Library Policybut that does not mean that this customer will be trapped by an astronomical bill.

  • This is because JoCo Library caps fines per item at $6, unless the item cannot be returned because it was lost or destroyed.
  • If the items cannot be returned, the library then invoices the user for their replacement.
  • If the item can be returned, Field said customers should feel free to return it regardless of the fine.
  • Overall, if a patron has $15 or more in fines past due for 30 days or more, the library will suspend their account — meaning they won’t be able to check items — until the balance is cleared. be paid.
The Johnson County Library Central Resources Branch received the VHS tape, 19 years after its original expiration date.
Last week, a Johnson County Library patron surprised library staff with the return of a 19-year-old VHS tape. File image via Johnson County Library.

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“In this particular case with VHS, we don’t use that format anymore,” Field said. “But if it’s just an older book, maybe we can get it back into circulation and that’s always great.”


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