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By Sydney Smith

Rowan Public Library

SALISBURY – Every year people come into January with hopes, goals and dreams for a fresh start. With the new year comes a new opportunity for change and self improvement. A great way to improve yourself throughout the New Year is to engage in a reading challenge – and Rowan’s Public Library has tons of awesome titles to help you reach that reading goal.

If you’re just hoping to read more in the New Year, you can engage in the ever-popular GoodReads Reading Challenge., a free website dedicated to helping people keep track of the books they read while discovering new ones, allows readers to set their own number of books they wish to read during the course. year. As you read books, you can add them to your “done” list on GoodReads, leave reviews, and interact with other readers who are also reading the same titles.

If you’re hoping to challenge yourself in 2022 by reading a more diverse selection of books, look no further than the Read Harder Challenge. Hosted by the popular bookish website, the annual challenge seeks to encourage people to choose books based on a diverse set of metrics. For example, some highlights from the Read Harder Challenge 2022 list include selecting a book of poetry, a non-fictional graphic novel for young adults, a title written by a trans or non-binary author, and a title written by a disabled author, to name a few. The challenge aims to help readers develop their reading material selections by taking them out of their comfort zone to discover perspectives and genres that may be different from their usual selections.

For the ambitious reader, The 52 Book Club is another popular online challenge to make sure your New Year is full of good books. Found on, this challenge pushes participants to read 52 books in 52 weeks, starting January 1. Each of the 52 Weeks of the 2022 Challenge edition has a unique prompt to choose which book you’ll read, including choosing a book written from a villain’s perspective and a book recommended by one of your favorite authors. .

Whichever way you choose to challenge yourself this year, any amount of reading you are able to do is time well spent. To find a wide variety of books to suit whatever reading challenge you decide to take on, you can browse stacks from any RPL location or browse the catalog online at

Sydney Smith is the Young Adult Librarian at Rowan Public Library.



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