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Williamsport, Pennsylvania – The James V. Brown Library recently received a donation of art and art history books, all brought to the library through the generosity of local nonprofit organizations. Over the past year, Lycoming Arts, The Heart of Williamsport, Factory Works Photo Lab and the Williamsport Business Association have collected art books to enrich the library’s collection of young adult and adult art books.

The effort was led by Judy Olinsky of Lycoming Arts and Brian Spies of Factory Works Photo Lab.

“As director of the Factory Works Photo Lab, which is dedicated to advocating and educating about the importance of visual culture, I understand that one of the ways artists develop their eye or visual style is To have access to a wide range of visual arts, especially without the barrier of cost, through the public library, will create and nurture generations of future artists, it is also very much within the mission of The Factory Works Photo Lab to advocate and educate for visual literacy,” said Brian James Spies, Factory Works Photo Lab Director.

“We were pleased to help further this mission by participating in this effort to supplement the collection of art books available to members of our community through the James V. Brown Library and the Lycoming County Library System. We would also like to express our gratitude to all those who donated books, without whom we could not have done this.

“Lycoming Arts supports and defends the arts and artists. We were thrilled to partner with HOW, WBA, and Factory Works Photo Lab to fill a need within the James V. Brown Library for art books for young artists,” said Debi Burch, President of Lycoming Arts. “This year has been difficult for all of us and we think we are better together.”

The donated books all have a bookplate acknowledging the effort of the Lycoming Arts groups.

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