Months after floods, Humphreys County Library reopens


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – The town of Waverly continued to slowly rebuild after major flooding last year and many are starting to see the progress.

On Monday, the Humphreys County Public Library reopened for the first time since August, allowing people to visit again.

“It was just boxes and boxes of books. It was just devastating because you know every one of those books has to be put back on the shelf,” said library manager Ethel Carmical.

According to Carmical, the flooding caused significant damage to the soil. However, many books were left in good condition.

“I’ve been waiting eight months for this day,” said Waverly resident Carolyn Copeland. “I didn’t think he would ever get here.”

Copeland said she borrowed a book just before the flood and kept it for months.

“I’ve been here several times to see if they’re working on it,” Copeland said. “You feel lost when you can’t come in and pick up a book to read.”

She wasn’t the only one waiting. Thomas Johnson was eager to see the genealogy room again.

“It was my home away from home when I lived here because I only lived two blocks away when I was here,” Johnson said.

Computers, books and more, the location will once again serve as a vital resource.

“I thought we would never get there, but my staff worked hard. They love their customers,” Carmical said.

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