Most popular items on collection at the Lincoln Library


Wondering what the people of Lincoln read? Here are some of the most popular titles of the month in the Lincoln Public Library District.


“The Secret Token: Myth Obsession and the Search for the Lost Colony of Roanoke” by Andrew Lawler

In 1590, John Smith returned to the recently founded American Colony Roanoke to transport supplies, but found the colony empty. The colony had been completely abandoned, leaving no trace of anyone, except for a knife carving of “CROATOAN” in a tree. John Smith set out in search of the missing colonizers, but bad weather and damage to ships forced him to return home to England. It has been four centuries since then, and the mystery of where the people of Roanoke went has still not been solved. In The Secret Token, Andrew Lawler poses and debunks many of Roanoke’s theories, trying to get closer to the truth behind one of the most puzzling mysteries in American history.

“Made Up: How The Beauty Industry Manipulates Consumers, Feeds On Women’s Insecurities, And Promotes Unattainable Beauty Standards” by Kate Moore

Made Up is an essay exposing the multi-billion dollar beauty industry. The book delves into the manipulative advertising techniques that beauty companies use to target people’s insecurities. While the average American woman spends three hundred thousand dollars on makeup in her lifetime, the advertising strategy of undermining people’s self-confidence works. If there was a greater awareness of society’s expectation that ‘beauty’ is a facade made and propagated to make money, perhaps it would lead people to save their own money and feel a little better about themselves.


"Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick ”by Philip K. Dick

“Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick” by Philip K. Dick

The imaginative and paranoid science fiction of Philip K. Dick has undeniably shaped our cultural zeitgeist in ways that very few people have ever experienced. Dick’s stories are most beloved and well-known for their mind-boggling and unforgettable sci-fi concepts. This book brings together twenty-one of his short stories that have inspired and horrified the minds of thousands of people. Six of that short story was so inspiring and horrifying that it spawned entire films. It’s a great book to expand your imagination – don’t read too much all at once.

"Cloud Cuckoo Land ”by Anthony Doerr

Anthony Doerr’s “Cloud Cuckoo Land”

From Pulitzer-winning author of All the Light We Cannot See Anthony Doerr, is his third novel, Cloud Cuckoo Land. The book tells the story of Aethon (a man who longs to be transformed into a bird so that he can fly in the skies), and how the story of Aethon intertwines and twists through many different characters from different places. and eras, affecting their lives in different ways. Doerr weaves the large-scale narrative from Constantinople to Idaho, to a space village inhabited by people who have never set foot on Earth. Aethon’s story finds the characters of Cloud Cuckoo Land in different ways, but it becomes important to everyone. The book is about preserving stories, but ultimately it’s about preserving humanity.


“Flame” by Mike Curato

Aiden Navarro is at camp during the summer break between middle school and high school. Everyone at camp is growing, both physically and mentally, and discovering new things about themselves, but Aiden begins to discover something about himself that scares him. As he falls in love with Elias, a boy he spends his time with when he’s not being bullied, he begins to realize that he could be gay.

“My parent has cancer and it really sucks” by Marc and Maya Silver

Over a million teens in America have a parent with cancer. With this cancer comes visits to the doctor, constant worry and fear, and, unfortunately, sometimes grief. There aren’t many places teens can turn to for help during life-changing events like this, but maybe this book can help. My Parent Has Cancer and It Really Sucks compiles stories and advice from authors, experts and teens who have had parents and family members with cancer in the hope that this collection will help anyone in a similar situation that will read it.


Blurbs are shot from the back of video boxes

City lights

City lights

Charlie Chaplin’s most expensive movie, City Lights, is also his final Little Tramp review. The writer-director-star has reached new levels of grace, both in physical comedy and in dramatic emotion, with this silent story of an adorable wanderer falling in love with a blind young woman who sells flowers. down the street (a magical Virginia Cherrill) and mistakes him for a millionaire. Although this Depression-era smash came after the advent of sound, Chaplin remained steadfast in his love for the expressive beauty of the pre-talkie form. The result was the epitome of his art and the crowning glory of silent comedy.

Soundbreaking: Stories at the forefront of recorded music

Soundbreaking: Stories at the forefront of recorded music

The art and evolution of musical recording is one of the great untold stories of the 20th century. Produced by legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin, this eight-part series combines over 150 original interviews with rare studio archive footage – and a full soundtrack comprising nearly 300 songs – to explore the extraordinary impact music recorded on our lives.

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