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Some people want to be better mentally prepared for retirement. Others want to plan for their retirement instead of defaulting to this new phase of their life. They want to plan for this phase the same way they chose their academic and professional life.

Many want to plan their retirement based on their values ​​and defining what makes them happy, not on the expectations of others.

They can all get help through the Purposeful Retirement Book Club that North Dakota State University (NDSU) and the extension of South Dakota State University (SDSU) host.

On September 13, NDSU Extension Gerontology Specialist Jane Strommen and SDSU Extension Gerontology Field Specialist Leacey Brown will launch a six-session online book club centered around the book “Purposeful Retirement : How to Bring Happiness and Meaning to Your Retirement” by Hyrum W. Smith.

Participants will meet via Zoom at 11 a.m. Central Time every two weeks until November 22. Each participant will receive a free copy of the book and be invited to group discussions to think about retirement in new and exciting ways.

The group discussion will encourage participants to explore their personal attitudes and beliefs about retirement, increase their knowledge of how the goal improves health and well-being, and identify strategies for integrating the goal into retirement. planning for retirement, as well as exploring retirement goals and priorities.

“This book club allows participants to reflect on what matters most to them and how their retirement can reflect their goals and values,” Strommen said. “It’s amazing how we all learn from each other reading and discussing the book.”

Participation in this event is free. To register for this journal club, visit https://extension.sdstate.edu/events. The number of places is limited and registrations will close on August 11, unless they are already full.

For more information, contact Strommen at 701-231-5948 or [email protected]

NDSU Agricultural Communication – July 27, 2022

Credit: Jane Strommen, 701-231-5948, [email protected]

Publisher: Kelli Anderson, 701-231-6136, [email protected]


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