One Book One Community Reading Program


CLEAR WATER, Wis. (WEAU) – LE Phillips Memorial Public Library is seeking your contribution for its “One Book One Community” reading program.

One Book One Community is an annual community-wide reading event centered around a single book. The program aims to provide a neutral space for conversations about social justice topics in the community. In previous years, the initiative has partnered with other programs and community organizations such as the University of Wisconsin’s Go Big Read and Uniting Bridges of Eau Claire.

“I think it’s great when individuals can reflect on what they can do about a certain topic or issue, but when we can get a group of community members to talk specifically about how things are going in the Chippewa Valley, you always get more ideas. , bigger projects and more opportunities to see change,” said Isa Small, Head of Programming and Communications.

Organizers will launch a new set of One Book One Community programs in fall 2022. To prepare, the community is encouraged to complete a short three-question online survey to indicate which topics and books they would most like see explored. .

You can take the survey here.

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