Orrville is driving Library on the Go


Library on the Go is a project the Orrville Public Library launched Thursday with the goal of encouraging summer reading by getting out and meeting people where they are.

“The goal of our new Library on the Go initiative is to increase our outreach opportunities by providing traditional literacy, training and technology services in a non-traditional way,” said Daphne Silchuk-Ashcraft, Director from the library. the community is a wonderful way to engage both regular and new library users.

The Library on the Go van will travel around the city to places like parks, schools and nursing homes delivering books and craft supplies to people of all ages.

“My hope is to eventually give away books like these free libraries,” Silchuk-Ashcraft said, noting that there will be a note in the books saying people can “keep or share” or return them to the library.

The van will include ready-to-use arts and crafts packs.

The first community stop will be the 4th of July Parade

The first event the van will participate in will be during the annual 4th of July Parade on Wednesday.

“When the van is in the community, staff will stop where it will park, unload items needed for activities that will be taking place there, outside the vehicle,” Silchuk-Ashcraft said.

Orrville Public Library Director Daphne Silchuk-Ashcraft speaks about the Library on the Go program Thursday at a launch event.

The cost of the project was $125,000, which included the van and starter program supplies that were raised through funds, grants, and community donations and grants.

Watch out for the red, black, and white van filled with books and more

The red, black and white sprinter designed by Farber Specialty Vehicles includes shelves and cabinets to store materials.

“It also works as a mobile hotspot, so if you see us in the community, stop by and connect to our free Wi-Fi,” Silchuk-Ashcraft said.

The Library on the Go can be found on various days at Orrville City Schools, Orr Park, Orrville Area Boys and Girls Club, Wayne County YMCA – Orrville Branch, Homes local retirement homes and assisted living facilities, daycares and preschools, and community events.

The van will do tours all year round, except on bad weather days.

Ashcraft-Silchuk said they don’t have a specific schedule, but will eventually have a schedule for the summer.

The Library on the Go vehicle designed by Farber Specialty includes shelves and cabinets to store books and craft supplies.

Thursday’s grand opening was held in front of the library parking lot with members of Orrville City Council, library administrators and community members in attendance. It was followed by hot dogs, refreshments and cookies presented by Orrville Public Library staff.

“This is a great idea and a great addition to library services,” said Mayor Dave Handwerk. “It’s always good to see projects go the way they’re supposed to, I know it’s a project they were looking to do,” he said.


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