Pamplin Media Group – Library folks are calling DINOvember this month


Jefferson County Library District is filling the month with ways to engage the mind

Welcome to November! Autumn is in full swing and it is getting cooler and cooler. No more lawn mowing; it’s football season. I’ll buy you a coffee if you know my favorite college team (the library team doesn’t play). But the most fun event happening this month is DINOvemer!

Thanksgiving is almost here.

At the library, we are grateful to our community partners, the improvements we were able to make to the library, and the transformation of our library van into a bookmobile, aptly named Miles van Go. have a strong summer 2022 reading schedule for children and adults, buy a STEAM cart, diversify our collection which contains print, audio and digital books; study crates, board games, and our Whisper Room (if you don’t know what a Whisper Room is, stop by the library and take a look), and our ongoing community storytelling program .

DINOvember is back!

It’s time for our annual dinosaur party. This year, CeeDee and Tomes will travel around the world with their new friends! CeeDee and Tomes are too big to go anywhere, and they’ve enlisted some smaller friends to get out and about on their travels around the world. The theme for next year’s summer reading program is Wonders of the World, and our adventure begins this month!

Educate — Engage — Explore

At the library, our slogan is Educate — Engage — Explore. One way to explore is with our Discovery Pass program. With your library card, you can get High Desert Museum passes and a Wilderness Pass between May and October. We plan to add more passes, and if you are a Community Partner who would like to provide a pass, please let us know. The usage, frequency, or other parameters of an activity are flexible and defined by the partner’s terms. It’s a great way to encourage county residents to try your activity/event.

You can get involved by checking out our new STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math), which includes various activities for ages 8-18. Young people between the ages of 8 and 12 must have a supervising adult on hand. When I asked about the new addition to the library, our children’s librarian, Laura, said, “I’m thrilled to have more hands-on activities available in the library, and this cart/mini space -STEAM maker is a great way to start.”

Discover new resources

FamilySearch. The Jefferson County Library is now a designated FamilySearch library. FamilySearch complements our ancestry resources, joining ProQuest, HeritageQuest and Fold3. and FamilySearch are only available in the library; you can access HeritageQuest and Fold3 from home. Fold3 is a premier collection of military records from the Revolutionary War to World War II and includes historical war records, documents, and images.

Rest, relax, read

November is the perfect time to learn something new. Immerse yourself in a different kind of book; there are many choices. Mystery, science fiction, thriller, romance, western, contemporary, historical fiction, fantasy, poetry. Discover a cookbook and make a new side for Thanksgiving. Learn how to make jewelry and review the era of history your youngster learns in school. Or my winter favorite, reminiscent of Algebra I, so you’re ready if your high schooler needs a little support (at least until they get to quadratic equations).

Winter is the season of rest and restoration. How many of you are like me — when the sun starts to set earlier in the day, I know that if I don’t run errands on the way home from work, I won’t go out later. Once at home, I no longer want to go out at night. Stop by the library on the way home—we’re open until 7 p.m. Monday through Friday—and grab a book to read by the fire or a movie to watch. Discover an audiobook and listen to it while you prepare dinner. The holidays are approaching and early November always seems like a good time to reflect on the hustle and bustle of the summer months and the urgency of back to school in September.

be grateful

What’s on your thank you list? I am grateful for the fabulous library team, the opportunity to work with these people on a daily basis, and a board that believes in me. And to have the chance to live in this charming little town. I’ve lived in several big cities in my life so far; it’s great to live in a place where you can walk into a bank, grocery store or retail store and know people by first name. Happy Thanksgiving month!

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