Readers Invited To Australia’s Largest Online Book Club To Read Chris Hammer’s Best Seller Scrublands | Bega District News



Readers across the district are invited to participate in “Together We Read”, Australia’s largest online book club, through their local library in September. From September 1 to 15, members of public libraries across the country will have free access to Chris Hammer’s best-selling detective story Scrublands as an eBook or audiobook. The Together We Read Digital Book Club is a community program run by public libraries across Australia, with the aim of supporting community members during the lockdown by providing digital articles online. This free program is facilitated by OverDrive, creator of the award-winning Libby app, which allows people to borrow eBooks, audiobooks and more from their local public libraries. Bega Valley Shire Library Services Coordinator Megan Jordan-Jones said with people in NSW being locked out, attending a book club and connecting with others over a book was great way to connect. “It’s good that while we’re locked in there is a digital version of book clubs, so people who feel isolated at home can read the book, go online and chat with other people.” Ms. Jordan-Jones said. “I generally think book clubs are great because it’s really a lonely activity – when you join a book club it becomes a social activity, and you can share your thoughts and feelings.” READ ALSO: Schoolchildren in Bega Valley Encouraged to Get Creative During Online Learning for Book Week Public Library Members to Enjoy Chris Hammer Scrublands’ bestselling detective novel in eBook or audiobook form free between September 1 and September 15. For those in Bega Valley who are not already members of the Public Library, people can create an account through the Bega Valley Shire Library page online. “With COVID, there is a lot of financial pressure on people, so the fact that it’s free is very nice,” Ms. Jordan-Jones said. Anyone interested is encouraged to participate and download the Scrublands ebook, offered by Overdrive, as ebooks are usually not offered on such a large scale. Ms Jordan-Jones said the library typically purchases an e-book that can only be downloaded a limited number of times by members and they cannot download the particular e-book multiple times. “So yeah, it’s unusual for them to make it so free, some publishers will allow simultaneous uses, but very little.” So this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. hang in parliament




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