RSPCA launches animal reading program for children


RSPCA NSW has partnered with Clifford The Big Red Dog to launch an Animal Reading Program for the 2022 summer school vacation, allowing children across the state to practice their reading skills by reciting the iconic book for sheltering pets.

The program provides companionship for animals while helping to improve children’s reading and social skills in a fun, engaging and safe way.

With its theatrical release on December 30, Clifford’s books The Big Red Dog are sure to be a hit with dogs and children alike, allowing them to follow Clifford’s magical adventures.

The Animal Reading program was originally developed for elementary school students who needed additional support with reading, comprehension or social skills.

A young boy reads to Kali, an animal at the RSPCA NSW shelter in search of his furry home.

A young boy reads to Grace, an animal at the RSPCA NSW shelter who is looking for her furry home.

By visiting RSPCA NSW shelters and reading to both dogs and cats in a non-judgmental environment away from the noise and pressure of a classroom, students were able to improve their confidence and fluency as well. than their general enjoyment of reading.

Shelter animals also benefit from the program by being exposed to a variety of people in a calm, non-contact situation, where they can become familiar with different voices and age groups that they would encounter in a home environment. This is especially important for fearful animals who benefit from socialization where touching is not forced.

Click here to learn more or to enroll in the RSPCA Animal Reading Program.


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